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    Chad Greenway - Article from Sioux Falls Argus Leader

    First Post...
    Sorry, i couldn't figure out how to put a link so I just pasted the whole article. I just thought this was an interesting article on Chad Greenway. Greenway's a stud I think he would be a great addition to the Vikes!

    From the farm to the first round (video)
    Draft caps dizzying transition to NFL for linebacker
    [email protected]
    April 23, 2006

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    IOWA CITY, Iowa - An NFL franchise will almost certainly call Chad Greenway on Saturday at his parents' Mount Vernon farm and tell him he's a first-round draft pick.

    That moment marks the beginning of a pro career that will be greeted with great expectation from the team that drafts him, as well as its fans. It also ends a process that is part beauty pageant and part livestock auction.

    Greenway is looking forward to the pressure of becoming a great one, but he won't miss the pageant.

    This former Stickney-Mount Vernon star and two-time All-America linebacker at the University of Iowa has been poked and prodded and tried and tested to an extent that has bordered on the ridiculous during the past few months. It included a stint where he flew to five different NFL cities in five days - something that is not unusual for a highly rated prospect.

    But a week from now, the focus will be his new team's first mini-camp and getting a jump-start on what he hopes is a successful pro career.

    "All this stuff is something you prepare for for two months, and then you're done with it," Greenway said, summarizing his life since January. "I'm never going to run another 40-yard dash for time in my life, and I'm happy about that."

    In his time away from South Dakota, Greenway established himself in Hawkeye land as a fun- loving, farm-raised friend of the people in addition to being a whale of a linebacker.

    The past few months have been serious business, though. The 6-foot-3, 245-pounder has done what he can to appreciate - if not always enjoy - being put through the paces by NFL teams contemplating throwing millions of dollars at him.

    "It's something I've looked forward to doing since I went to college and figured out I could play in the NFL," he said. "If you like playing football and getting prepared to play football, it's not too bad."

    Widely considered a first-rounder, Greenway was flattered by the scrutiny - although perplexed that three years of being a dominating player in the Big 10 Conference wasn't enough evidence that he's ready for the next level.

    "The more I've been through the process, the more I realize it's less about what you did in college than it should be," he said.

    Regardless, he's about to enter a wildly different world. His reward for being a first-round draft choice will be a $4 million signing bonus, minimum. If he is among the 11th to 17th picks, that bonus could more than double.

    "You might be happy going on the 11th pick because you're going to get paid more," Greenway said. "But if you go 21st, you're likely going to win more games and be in a better system and have a chance to come in and play good football right away. So what would you rather have? I'd rather play football."

    Building on the belief

    In the lobby of the impressive Hayden Fry Football Complex in Iowa City, huge posters of recent Hawkeyes greats hang on the wall. Most of those players have had solid NFL careers, and Greenway's likeness is the most recent addition.

    One could assume that since Greenway was as productive in college as the guys on the wall, he should end up as a solid NFL player. But if he goes in the top 20 picks, as many analysts predict, the NFL and its fans will want more than solid. They'll want greatness.

    "It comes down to whether you're going to be the right fit for a team," Greenway said. "Are you going to be the right kind of linebacker for their system? It has to fall into place."

    Regardless of where he's picked, he will no doubt deal with critics, both on a national and local scale.

    Historically, his critics have not barked very loud, and certainly not for very long. The same Sporting News magazine that once dubbed Greenway the Big 10's most overrated linebacker now has him going in the first round.

    "I don't think Chad ever looks at the stuff, but we do once in a while," said Alan Greenway, Chad's father. "Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You like the good ones and you don't like the bad ones. Chad has always loved to prove his critics wrong. He did it at Iowa. It's a real source of motivation for him."

    Setback at NFL Combine

    Greenway probably would have been a first-round pick last spring but elected to come back for his senior season at Iowa.

    At the start of the draft assessment process, he was again considered one of the top linebackers available.

    A disappointing performance at February's NFL Combine in Indianapolis seemed a setback and had the draft blogs buzzing that his stock had fallen. He ran what he called the slowest 40-yard dash (4.74) he's ever run. He also underwhelmed in the bench press, where he lifted 225 pounds 16 times.

    Three weeks later, the Hawkeyes had their Pro Day, where Iowa prospects work out for NFL scouts. A switch from track shoes to football spikes pushed his 40 time under 4.6. He also scored better in the bench press and the vertical jump.

    "I answered every question I needed to answer at Pro Day," Greenway said. "I think I made teams feel a lot better about making me a top-20 pick."

    On most draft lists, he is ranked among the top four linebackers available. He's below Ohio State's A.J. Hawk. Some rate Greenway ahead and some behind Florida State's Ernie Sims. Greenway is consistently ranked ahead of Ohio State's Bobby Carpenter. All four could go in the first round.

    "It fluctuates a lot but where he was in December is where he is in April," said Pro Football Weekly draft analyst Nolan Nowracki. "He had an up-and-down combine, but a good Pro Day. With a guy like Greenway, 90 percent of what they want to know about him is going to come from the game tapes they have of him, and his game tape is very strong."

    Details of his life examined

    Greenway's life has been scrutinized intensely the past few months. The Wonderlic intelligence test that NFL teams give potential players has gained attention in recent years, and that's only the start of the non-football examination.

    "At the Senior Bowl, I interviewed with 25 or 26 teams," said Greenway, who said he scored a 30 on his Wonderlic - better than all-time NFL greats Dan Marino (16) and Brett Favre (22).

    "Basically, you're getting interviewed for a job, but you're doing six or seven interviews a night instead of just one," he said. "It's a difficult process and not a lot of fun, but you want to leave a good impression on them. They're the ones who are going to be writing the checks and paying your bills."

    Teams asked about his family and his time off the field. For Greenway, who is engaged to Jennifer Capista, a former Hawkeyes distance runner from Illinois, those were easy questions.

    "They want to find some chinks in your armor," he said. "They want to find where you've gone wrong, where you've steered off the path. I've been fortunate that I've never done that. I have a good core family back home and I'm engaged. I've got things going in the right direction. That's what they want to see."

    Draft day on a tractor

    In interviews, Greenway has come off as confident but not cocky. His assertiveness surprises those expecting a rustic combination of hemming and hawing from this son of a hog farmer.

    At the same time, he has embraced his South Dakota roots.

    "That's the way it has always been with Chad," said Lee Bollock, a Mount Vernon friend since kindergarten. "He's humble about what he's done. It's pretty amazing the way he downplays it. I'll talk to him on the phone and he'll mention that the Vikings are flying him into town, or that Tennessee is bringing him in, like it's no big deal. I'm blown away by that stuff. I don't think he realizes how big this stuff is right now."

    To date, the farther Greenway has moved from his Mount Vernon roots, the tighter he has gripped them.

    "He thrives on it," Alan Greenway said. "Some people might think it's a bad thing to be from a small town, but he thinks its a good thing."

    Greenway was not invited to New York for the draft proceedings, but said he wouldn't have gone anyway. He will wait for the call at the family farm with friends and family.

    "He told me he wants to make sure I have something for him to do on the tractor," Alan said. "He said he didn't want to sit around and watch TV and listen to all their crap while he's waiting. When I asked him if the grandkids would be a distraction, he said he really wanted them to be there - he wanted a distraction."

    A party is scheduled for Wermer's Lounge in Mount Vernon starting at noon with Greenway making an appearance after he's drafted.

    "I love going back to Mount Vernon," he said. "This (Iowa) is such a football-crazed place you almost feel like a cel-ebrity. Back home, it's just South Dakota and it's just Mount Vernon and you are just the Chad they grew up with. You're nobody special, which is what I like."

    Reach sportswriter Mick Garry at 331-2323.

    Stuart Villanueva / Argus Leader

    Chad Greenway of Mount Vernon is expected to go high in Saturday's NFL draft. The 6-foot-3, 245-pound linebacker from the University of Iowa would be the first South Dakotan chosen in the first round since John Dutton of Rapid City was picked by Baltimore in 1974.
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    Re: Chad Greenway - Article from Sioux Falls Argus Leader

    Nice first post and nice article. Thanks for posting it. Introduce yourself as a newcomer and you will be welcomed with your "Purple Pride" beer!
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

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    Re: Chad Greenway - Article from Sioux Falls Argus Leader

    That is a great article...I got up this morning and saw Greenway on the front page and said "finally, there's a story about him". Usually South Dakotans don't miss a beat when one of their own is about to do something great. There were stories for days when Mike Miller was going to get drafted into the NBA, but as the draft approached I was like "where's the Greenway stories? He's gonna go mid-first round, and no stories? Wow".

    Its a good one though, and I could live with the Vikes drafting him...I think he'd be a very solid option at LB.


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    Re: Chad Greenway - Article from Sioux Falls Argus Leader

    thanks for the help with link audioghost!

    I know what you mean, it's always good to see a hometown boy making it to the big time. Glad he's finally getting some local attention!
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    Re: Chad Greenway - Article from Sioux Falls Argus Leader

    Since the Pack will more then likely get Hawk, I believe that Greenway would be a smart pickup if none of the blue chip QBs are left. He is a very impresive player and would be a great addition to the LBs working along side...

    Who do we have at LB? That Leber guy and... sorry I am just drawing a blank on this one.
    Come on, isn't it about time for the NFL Draft?

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    Greenway firmly rooted in country upbringing

    Posted on Tue, Apr. 25, 2006

    [size=18px]Greenway firmly rooted in country upbringing[/size]

    Pioneer Press

    Chad Greenway is expected to be selected this weekend in the first round of the NFL draft. Some projections have the 6-foot-2, 242-pound linebacker being chosen by the Vikings at No. 17.

    It's not bad for a guy from Mount Vernon, S.D., who graduated in a class of 29 and played nine-man football in high school.

    "I've had some uphill battles," Greenway said. "I got one Division I offer coming out of high school, so I wasn't really sought after."

    Greenway said he wasn't on the "radar," although he quickly rewarded Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz for taking a chance on him. Greenway finished his time at Iowa fifth on the Hawkeyes' all-time list in tackles.

    "He's a great player," said middle linebacker Abdul Hodge, Greenway's teammate at Iowa. "He's athletic. He's very versatile. He can make plays all over the field in the run game or the pass game."

    Greenway grew up on a farm, where his chores included mending fences, throwing bales of hay, herding pigs and helping cows deliver their calves.

    In a town of 477 people, Greenway said, he and his friends thought nothing of playing nine-man football. His goals weren't different from those of other boys, he said.

    "We also dream of playing professional sports, especially professional football," Greenway said. "Growing up in a very athletic family, that was something I always dreamed about and idolized the people in this situation that I'm in right now. Being here is almost surreal, and it's also a lot of fun, and you make the best of it."

    Is he king in his hometown?

    "I guess you could say (that)," he said. "But there's not many people there, so there's not many people to be king of.

    "But it's fun to go home. You're just Chad Greenway, who grew up right down the street or right down the road a couple miles from our place, so it's fun to go back home and see everybody and to know that they're on my side and cheering for me."

    Despite growing up in a region where many fans root for the Vikings, Greenway's favorite team was the San Francisco 49ers.

    "I loved (Joe) Montana," he said. "I loved (Jerry) Rice and everything they had to offer. I thought they played great in every situation. And when all those guys started leaving, I was still a 49ers fan at heart. But when I'm in this situation I've kind of given it up."

    Sean Jensen can be reached at [email protected]

    Greenway firmly rooted in country upbringing

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    Re: Greenway firmly rooted in country upbringing

    [size=18px]Dream no longer remote[/size]

    Greenway on verge of NFL

    By Jerome Solomon, Globe Staff | April 25, 2006

    Like millions of youngsters in the United States, Chad Greenway dreamed of someday playing in the NFL.

    Full Story: Dream no longer remote

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