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Thread: Chad Greenway

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    Chad Greenway

    I think that Greenway is the best choice in the first round. As far as the measurables go, he is better than A.J. Hawk, now I didn't say that Chad is a better LB, he just shows better tangibles. He is bigger and just as fast or faster (i have heard different 40 times for Greenway). The bottom line is that Greenway resembles a dominant player like Urlacher and A.J. Hawk doesn't seem like as big of an impact player. They both had help as well ( Greenway-Hodge and Hawk-Carpenter).

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    Re: Chad Greenway

    I don't know if I would go as far as to say that Greenway is better in any way than Hawk, but I think he will be a solid linebacker. I don't know much about him, but is said he is in the right place at the right time making plays. Not a big hitter, but making plays. That is exactly what the Vikes need. Make plays first then lay some hits.

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    Re: Chad Greenway

    Definitley the best pick we could have picked there..

    We couldn't trade up so we had to stay put..

    And Greenway is a PERFECT fit for the cover 2

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    Re: Chad Greenway

    Is there any doubt at this point?

    When they start playing is a whole other ballgame though.

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    Re: Chad Greenway

    Obviously it's Hawk right now, and he may end up being better than both Sims and Greenway, but I like the Greenway pick.

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