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    CBA & Draft signings/ rookies

    Can someone who is more clued up on the salary cap, CBA etc clarify how the league will stand in terms of signing their draftees ?
    I know there is a rookie cap but will the absence of a CBA suddenly force down the contracts that this years draft class can expect to see ? Usually their agents look at last years and add on a percentage but will that tactic be a no-no this year ?
    I'm asking as a general question and not specifically how it will affect us as I know we have cap space available
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    Re: CBA & Draft signings/ rookies

    Steinberg was on NFL TA last night talking about how they had to be very cunning with the first draft with the Sal Cap, which he had the number one overall in the that draft, Drew Bledsoe. Basically, he said they will find a way around whatever the situation is.

    You know, most of these shows don't want to talk about the specifics in detail, they think we are too dumb to want to understand or they don't know themselves to talk enough about it.

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