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    Re: Cardinals Likely to Pick Cutler

    deangelo is a guy we cant pass up if he is still on the board at 17, and the top 3 QBs are gone
    Say we do get deangelo.....we would most likely try to trade one of our other backs. What kind of value do you think we could get for MeMo, Fason, or Echemandu?
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    Re: Cardinals Likely to Pick Cutler

    We don't need a RB we have a starter and three guys to back him up in Moore, Fason ,and Echemandu no need for Williams. I would take Cromartie at 17 if the big three of Cutler, Greenway, and Sims(in that order) are off the board because nobody could tell me who the nickel corner on our team would be.
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    Re: Cardinals Likely to Pick Cutler

    I just read a fox sports mock and they have us taking Joseph Addai from LSU with #17. WTF..... NOBODY has this guy rated as a 1st rounder!!!! WHat a bunch of crack smokers....

    Thanks Lotza!

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    Re: Cardinals Likely to Pick Cutler

    "Dwags" wrote:
    What would people prefer: give up our 17, and a second and third rounder to move up and snag Cutler, or take the best player available at 17, and get a QB with one of our second round picks AND one of our third rounders.

    That way, we'd still have a stud LB/RB/CB at 17, plus we'd have two QBs, and we could cross our fingers that one of them developed. I think the odds would be better on that happening (one of the QBs developing) than trading all that and banking on Cutler to be a superstar.
    Absolutely no way the Vikings take 2 QBs.... we'd be the laughingstock of the league..... This draft is fairly deep so it hurts to give away one of your second round picks to move up.... If we do it'll have to be for Culter earlier than the #10 pick just to be sure you get him.... Young and Lienhart, despite all the wild dreaming and speculation will be long gone by then and we can't afford it.... the 3 picks we have could go such a long way to returning us to contender status because this is a solid quality draft all the way to mid second round...... We are going to learn a LOT about our new regime tomorrow..........
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    Re: Cardinals Likely to Pick Cutler

    Well the fact that Williams will be picked by the Texans changes things a bit, IMO. You know that Jets fans are going to be clamoring to trade up to #2 and draft Bush to replace Curtis Martin. So if that happens, all that needs to happen is the Titans need to draft Young. That should leave Leinart for #10 and Cutler until at least 13. Wow...

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    Re: Cardinals Likely to Pick Cutler

    Don't be surprised to see the Packers select Matt Leinart or Vince Young and trade Rogers, if they can!

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