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    "CAP PLUS" What does it mean for the Vikes?

    Just a few minutes ago, on ESPN they said the new proposal is being called "Cap Plus". This is where the signing bonus' are not counted against the cap. In other words, teams could pay "THIS YEAR" as much as they want in signing bonus and only take a maxiumum of 6 million hit to cap. Thats the way I took it. Am I wrong or right and what does this mean for the Vikes in FA?
    It looks to me as if it could hurt. Here's a quote from the ESPN article:
    In the simplest terms, cash over cap is essentially the difference between a team's true payroll and the NFL salary cap in a given season. Many of the league's high-revenue teams, but certainly not all of them, have a considerable advantage over the clubs occupying the low-revenue rungs in terms of cash over cap.
    Aren't the Vikings considered a low-revenue club? And it hurts all our freed-up cap dollars, making them less valuable.
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    Re: "CAP PLUS" What does it mean for the Vikes?

    Yeah, we don't get as much revenue as teams like the Redskins or Cowboys.

    I'm sure there would be a limit though, to the amount you could give as bonuses in one year. Otherwise, teams could just go hog wild.
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