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Another thought to chew on........

Maybe interest in the team this year isn't as low as some of the local chucklehead yutz sports hacks want to make it out to be.

Aside from them and some yutz fans on internet sites, who else is saying this team doesn't have a good shot this year?

Which "local chucklehead yutz sports hacks" have been making interest out to be low or saying the Vikings don't have a good shot this year?
None that I, who actually read the local papers and watch the local guys on TV every single day, have seen.
You haven't stuck up for those yutz's for quite some time.

Should be easy for you to find, I typically type yutz in my comments.

PPO's quick search function should highlight each one for you.

Ah yes, the last refuge of those who make baseless claims - "Look it up yourself."

OK, OK, not only will I go look a few fun ones up, I will go ahead and make an effort to point them out a bit more obviously for you when I comment on them in the future......