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    Re: The Calm . . . Before The Storm!

    Just think, the Superbowl was 2 and a half months ago! Up to now it's been fine for us Brits who enjoy the NFL, because (real) football has still been going, and will continue til the beginning of May.. Then we've got the World Cup in Germany in June (to which I will be attending!! :grin So by the time (real) football finishes for the season in July, the NFL will be starting up again with summer the summer mini-camps and pre-season preparation.

    And don't forget, immediately after the draft the speculation on our new rookies will begin! Be it Sims or whoever in the first round and our QB of the future sometime during the rest of the draft!

    I love the Off-Season speculation.. It's so much fun!

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    Re: The Calm . . . Before The Storm!

    Oh to be in Germany this June... How I envy you Benet.

    Of course things are going to be a bit slow starting two weeks before the draft. Every team has put its full concentration on the thing, and if you don't know who you are going to draft, there is no reason to go get some Free Agents right before it.

    This is definitely the calm before the storm.

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    Re: The Calm . . . Before The Storm!

    "singersp" wrote:

    You'll just have to be patient & ride it out with the rest of us. This off-season will pass just like every other one before it has.

    Webby has added more & better live chat, the Buddy list & IM features & will be adding more features such as live podcasts. Take advantage of them.

    He tries diligently to improve this site on many levels & make this forum an exiting place to be year round.

    I for one appreciate his efforts & dedication & stand up & applaud him.
    So true.

    I also have to agree with sleepagent though. It isn't the site that is the problem, it is just the importance of the topics. I am not as compelled to put other important things aside to come here first since most things have been hashed to death.

    There is more here than football if you WANT to keep yourself occupied!

    Yes, the next few weeks should be interesting and then it will be once again a waiting game, for training camp to start. Mini Camps??????

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