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    Re: Brees to Vikings????

    Simms was named the starter for next year I guess.. Samdawg said he heard it somewhere.. Can't really trust him though..

    Shaub would be sweet to snag..

    Brees would be my first pick if we dump Pep

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    Re: Brees to Vikings????

    "singersp" wrote:
    "bigbadjerryball" wrote:
    whats whith everyone jumping ship. we have brad johnson and a injured culpepper. keep cully play brad next year and see what happens with cullys injury. lets try to get a o-line for whoever is at the helm. Brees shoulder would have gotten injured alot earlier in the season if he would have played with the vikes this season!
    It's because we only have Brad at QB. Shaun has been told he won't be coming back & the status of DC is in limbo on two counts.

    1. Will we keep him or trade him?

    2. Can he return to pro bowl status?

    A. If we keep him & find out later he can't play (which would be after the start of the season), then we would have to shop for a back up. By then there won't be anyone worth a pooh to sign.

    B. If we trade him, we will have to sign a starting QB or a back up QB for Brad or draft one.

    In either case I believe the Vikings will be forced to sign a QB either in FA or via the draft.
    I hadn't given much thought to that singersp. I think that the only right thing to do is protect our but. I think that is why we got rid of Hill. We plan on drafting a QB (IMHO) in the mid to late rounds. We have made the decision that Hill won't cut itas a starter, therefore we have to buy another lotto ticket in the draft. Hill and the draft choice both have to learn the new O, might as well take the younger cheaper guy.

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