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Actually the Cowboys used the pass to set up the run in the Aikman/Irvin/Emmit days.

[size=18px]Donnie Edwards is not a FA, San Diego is asking a 2nd round pick for him. He's on the trading block.[/size]

The sooner they get a young QB to develop the better. With an aging starter at QB, we'd really be wasting a year by not bringing in somebody now to learn the system.

The longer they wait the better chance of Johnson retiring and us being stuck with McMahon for a year.
Link please ??? I have seen nothing about what they are asking for Donnie.
Scroll down and read the "Linebacker For Hire" part
You have to be kidding me the Cowboys used Emmitt as a workhorse and he set up the play action pass to Novacek and the WRs. The were a run first team not a pass first team.
I'm gonna go ahead and agree with Darrin on this one. You don't become the NFL's all-time leading rusher when your team passes first and runs second.
They passed to start off games. Emmit got the bulk of his carried in the second half. Hence, they pass to set up the run.
You have to be kidding me the ran Emmitt all the time behind a guy named Moose they were not a passing team first. They took their big OL with Nate Newton, Larry Allen, Greg Stepnoski and they jammeed the ball down peoples throats. Then when the defense played up the play action passed to Moose in the flats or Novacek down the middle. Emmitt single handedly won them many games during there dynasty. I really suggest you go and watch so old game film to see there game plan. If they threw first why couldn't Jimmy Johnson win in Miami he had Marino? Oh that is right he got frustrated and quit because the COULD NOT run the ball like he did in Dallas.