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    Re: Best Available FA: O & D

    His boyfriend Jason Whittle will get him a job


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    Re: Best Available FA: O & D

    according to the list, there are many decent CB's left in FA...
    we really need more depth and experice in that position...
    and Leftwich would be a great back up (1st week of the season) and starter (6th week of season) if we would pick him up.

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    Re: Best Available FA: O & D

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    I wish we could add the Oliveia the tackle from the chargers.
    He was a 7th round pick so his contractg should be pretty low.
    We could always do with an RT
    I'm kindof a Cook fan after last year.

    Sure he had his tough spots, but overall I think he did pretty good considering he was a C in college and was then thrown to the wolves at the NFL level.

    By the way, once he got used to the same gaurd (Herrera) he seemed to do alot better towards the end of the year.
    I think he will be at RT for a long time.

    Now LT, we can discuss getting rid of that guy.

    You know, Marr, I've been thinking the same thing.

    If McKinnie keeps getting in trouble, and Cook keeps preforming well, McKinnie might be out the door.

    Especially if they both keep up the pace they were at last season. Bryant didn't preform up to the standards that someone of his pay grade should be held to.
    The problem I see with that statement is that is a common invalid argument that is used by far too many fans here, IMO.

    Who sets those standards? The fans? LMAO! They do, but I feel they are off-base.

    A player doesn't play any better or less better simply because of what he is paid. Granted there are incentives that might make a player work harder, but I don't think generally a player purposely takes plays off simply because he makes less than someone else.

    An agent is obviously going to try & get as much money for his client as possible & if a team is stupid enough to overpay a player, it's the teams fault, not the players.
    Probably why I'm not a Capologist or anything, but I don't really pay much attention to how much they get paid.
    I just care if they are doing thier job.

    Big Mac seemed to struggle quite a bit last year with pass protection regardless of his pay or whatever standards have been set.

    I sure hope that Bryzcheapski structured his contract in a manner that won't be a huge cap hit if the elect to go another way.
    Exactly! Far too many times I have seen members wanting us to cut players because they feel they are being overpaid & don't live up to their expectations or standards, yet they wouldn't mind them still playing for us if only they'd take a pay cut.

    I ask you, how does taking a pay cut make change a players performance on the field?

    It doesn't. You are going to get the same production out of him regardless of what you are paying him.

    If you double a players salary, don't expect him to get twice as many TD's, twice as many sacks, twice as many interceptions, twice as many yards, twice as many catches or twice as many tackles.

    If your going to cut a player, do it based on his performance or because you made a judgemental error & overpaid him for his worth in the first place &/or need the cap room because you can no longer afford him.

    Mac played well last year. The talent he went up against was tremendous. Each week it was another elite speed rusher. He gave up sacks but look at the pressure the line was under. No other line has to face that kind of fronts or packages. If you think constantly being blitzed or facing 9 in the box is easy for 5 - 6 players to protect, then you're crazy. Imagine what they will play like once TJ is able to disect coverages and we are facing only 7 man fronts.
    Are you serious?
    Do you really believe other teams don't see 8 and 9 man fronts?
    Do you actually think it was invented just for AD?

    Look, I agree that our OL faced alot of heat last year but it isn't like its never been done before.
    Imagine what would happen if they consistently picked up the late blitzer and TJ had a bit more time (young QB's need more time) to get past his first read. Bet they would stop with all the delayed blitz's as well.


    I dont' know if there is a stat for it, but I can almost garentee that the Vikings saw the most 8-9 man fronts last year.
    More than SD?
    Possibly, but I bet it was close.

    I bet we don't see as many this year but we will still see them.
    Kindof funny, I thought the teams started to Zone Blitz us after week 6 or 7 but when I watched the Lions re-air tonight, they were even doing it before AD started to break the long ones.

    Again, pick that up a few times early in the game and we won't see as many.

    I would bet that KC saw as many as we did
    Another good one.

    Heck, even if we didn't have AD and only had CT we would see alot of Zone Blitz schemes with 8 men.
    Football 101 is to put alot of pressure on a young QB.
    Nature of the beast.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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