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    any news on d-line

    has there been any thing about the health of the line. wasn't james and udeze banged up at the end of the season. i have only seen news about the mlb position and tj.

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    Re: any news on d-line

    Other than the fact that they are gonna KICK BUTT this, nothing much to say!!!

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    Re: any news on d-line

    Here's an article & thread on James;

    Vikings' James hopes to breakout in 2006

    I keep watching for articles on Kenechi, but I haven't seen any other than mention of him in other articles.

    I know he's in camp working with the 1st team & EJ, P-Will & K-Will.

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    Re: any news on d-line

    just know that they should be amazing.. and if not.. i seriously think i will cry

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    Re: any news on d-line

    the line is healthy and ready to come together finally..i read that in a vikingupdate article a couple days ago
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    Re: any news on d-line

    Well i think we all expect big things from our line this coming season. I just hope they produce like we think they can. I think E James can be a beast in the NFL, and hope he does :grin: .

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