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    Re: Another Vikings Draft day trade rumor

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    This morning on KFAN Mike Morris had a interesting take on the Vikings pick, keep in mind he has been right the last 7 years.

    He said if Landry is there at #7 he is our guy and if he is gone we will trade down and select Marshawn Lynch from Cal.
    Thats the first time I've heard that take, just shows how unpredictable this thing is going to be tomorrow.
    Hope the boys making the draft day decisions have their pooh together tomorrow.
    Morris stated there is ZERO chance of us taking Peterson even if he is there at #7 and Landry is gone, so there will be a lot of unhappy rubes.

    IF that happens, we will know the answer as to whether the Vikings FO knows what they are doing...and the answer will be a resounding NO!
    why? when we drafted according to need, we ended up with troy williamson..everybody wanted the best player available (a fellow by the name of merriman), but instead we went with a 2nd round talent in williamson
    BPA would be Peterson, then Landry.
    i dont agree with that..peterson is the "BPA" on most ppl's boards because hes an offensive player..landry's impact on defense is equal to petersons offensively, especially if you are going to be implementing a 2 back system..actually the fact that peterson would be playing in a 2 back system would make landry the bigger impact player

    Everyone knows RB's are despensible. Look at the Chiefs trying to dumb LJ before he hits FA next year. Look at the Bills who already dumped Mcgahee before he became a FA.

    But safeties, they are a different story, especially in the context of the Tampa 2 D.
    Safeties have a much bigger role in the Tampa 2, followed by the Linebackers, and last the cornerbacks.

    If we can acquire the next Ed Reed to be the face of our D for a good 7+ years, I'd gladly take that over a RB who can be replaced any given year.
    I guess that we COULD run a 4-0-7 defense...our front four...NO LBs...the two CBs...and the FIVE safeties that we will have once we draft Landry.


    Sharper, Smith, Doss, Tank, Blue, Landry.

    Sharper is on the decline, we all know that. As much as i hate to say it, hes not well suited for the Tampa 2. He may have one or two more seasons in Minnesota. Enough to teach Landry some tricks of the trade.

    Smith is despensible, could easily be traded. We all know he isnt exactly the class A character guy Childress thrives for.

    Doss and Tank...who knows. Both coming off of injuries with one year contracts. Highly unlikely both will be signed to long term contracts come next off season. I really want to see what they can do, and if they can fight for starting spots than good for them. Bring on the Competition.

    Blue is a great special teamer and good dept at safety. In a few years he may be ready to step up full time. Who knows.

    And finally if we draft Landry, there are two scenarios for him. One, he comes in training camp and owns it up and earns a starting spot. Two, he comes in but gets beat out by a vet who already has experience in the Tampa 2, not to mention the NFL. Landry sits a year and learns the system.

    Its all about drafting for the future and Landry could be a full force threat for a long long time.

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    Re: Another Vikings Draft day trade rumor

    Its all about drafting for the future and Landry could be a full force threat for a long long time.
    You are wise beyond your years my friend.

    When we get to the point when we are drafting with that in mind our org will be a sound winning team again.

    I feel (well not really) so sorry for the Deadskin fans down here.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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