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    Another Mock draft

    MOCK DRAFT: Round 1

    1. Texans- Reggie Bush RB Southern California
    2. Saints- Matt Leinart QB Southern California
    3. Titans- Vince Young QB Texas
    4. Jets D'Brickashaw Ferguson- OT Virginia
    5. Packers- Mario Williams DE North Carolina State
    6. 49ers -A.J. Hawk OLB Ohio State
    7. Raiders -jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt
    8. Bills -aloti Ngata DT Oregon
    9. Lions-Michael Huff DB Texas
    10. Cardinals- Vernon Davis TE Maryland
    11. Rams-Tye Hill CB Clemson
    12. Browns-rodrick Bunkley NT Florida State
    13. Ravens- Winston Justice T Southern California
    14. Eagles- LenDale White RB Southern California
    15. Falcons- Jimmy Williams CB Virginia Tech
    16. Dolphins- Santonio Holmes WR Ohio State
    17. Vikings- DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis

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    Re: Another Mock draft

    obviously this is old because we are no longer in the looking for a runing back in the 1st round. probably going to be a linebacker.
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    Re: Another Mock draft

    And the Packers aren't going to draft Super Mario, especially at #5.

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    Re: Another Mock draft

    Yeah. must be fairly old.
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