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Offer Jeff Garcia a shot at the starting job, offer Donnie Edwards a front loaded contract, trade for Joe Horn and pick up Drew Bennett and Nate Clements in FA!!!!
Clements, Bennett, and Edwards, maybe. Everyone else no.

Nate Clements is supposedly going to ask for a $20million signing bonus, and wants to be the highest paid corner in the NFL. And he wouldn't even be our #1 guy, he can't touch Winfield. Donnie Edwards is another guy who's up there, he's 34 in April, a good player, but I do not think he is worth it. Drew Bennett is basically the same type of player as Marcus Robinson, a big posession guy, who isn't all that great, but gets the job done. I'm not against signing him, but not for big money.

Jeff Garcia turns 37 next month. Joe Horn hasn't played a full season in 3 of the past 4 years and is 35 on tuesday. I think after this run Jeff Garcia has nowhere to go but down.
I think that alot of those older guys still have a few years left in them...heck, Edwards was 7th in total tackles this season (and we will most likely have to pay Napoleon a ton to stay here...BTW, Greenway is mostly suited to be a WLB, not a MLB).
Personally, I would much rather see us go after Adalius Thomas than Edwards. Not that I would complain if we picked up Edwards, but I think Thomas would be great for plugging the previously mentioned hole in the passing D over the middle.
Doesn't Adalius thomas weigh 270 pounds?

We need a guy who can cover the middle of the field. Not make tackles. Maybe if he was 6'5 270 and far more athletic he could do it, but then again, he'd probably play DE.

For the role of MLB in the cover 2 you need someone who can take away the post pattern down the middle of the field, remember Doug Gabriel during the Pats game? We can't have that happening again, and a huge linebacker who's good on the blitz is not the answer.
You must have missed that pick that Edwards made Sunday off of the "great" Tom Brady...it was exactly what we need in a MLB!

I wasnt talking about Edwards there. I know he's an excellent cover corner, but he is also in the 3-4, so he covers a lot less of the field than most backers, then again the chargers blitz a lot, so it may as well be a 4-3.

I don't see the point of paying Donnie Edwards a ton of money to come play in an all new system, for maybe one or two years maximum, and paying him a ton of cash to do so.

I say give Greenway a shot in the middle, he's a smart athletic linebacker who
I think can cover the middle of the field. And if it doesn't work out draft a linebacker next year.

As opposed to Adalius...who covers NONE of the middle?

Chances are that they slide EJ back to the middle and put Greenway on the Weakside...it's his natural position.

I never said I wanted Thomas.

EJ is kind of big and slow for the middle, he's a good tackler and a decent athlete, but at 6'1 250 I think he's too stocky to really be good in coverage.

It's always been my understanding that you want your speedier LBs for the outside spots...but I could be wrong.
But if it is speed that you want in the middle, Dontarrious is the same size as EJ and ran a 4.4 40 at the combine...plus he was the SEC Scholar-Athlete of the Year his last year in college, so he's got the smarts to call the plays.
That being said, EJ is the run-stopper LB that you want in the middle...he just needs to improve his pass coverage skills...if he can, he could easily be our stud in the middle.
Greenway is a little lighter and has always played outside (Abdul Hodge was the MLB at Iowa alongside Greenway)

In a more conventional system, yes, but in the cover 2 the safeties split the field deep, and leave a ton of open space between the LBs and themselves, so you need a guy who can really play well in coverage like, Ray Lewis or Derrick Brooks to cover the middle of the field.