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    Re: For all you 40 time worshopers...

    "PurplePackerEater" wrote:
    "Mr" wrote:
    "Ltrey" wrote:
    Adrian Peterson ran a 4.38 yesterday. That's pretty well flying for a guy that is 6'1 and over 200 lbs.
    It was actually today.

    Calvin Johnson ran an official 4.35.

    And does anyone know what makes it official or not official? Everything at the combine is electronically timed.
    “Official” probably means it’s a collective agreement. :-\
    It's electronically timed at the combine, I don't know what there would be to disagree about.

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    Re: For all you 40 time worshopers...

    "Mr" wrote:
    "laujesse" wrote:
    "Ltrey" wrote:
    "You losers" know who you are? Knock off the tough guy attitude. Stick to the topic, not insults.
    You cant be serious? I wrote "you losers" in the 2 beer min aka relaxed rules section and I get this?

    It was in good fun. If you want to play around with my posts and put your own twists in just delete them as now they look way out of the context they were intended for. Good job deleting my avatar for the 2nd day in a row. My magical disappearing post at least came back where they belonged last time... (so that was you deleting and undeleting my posts)

    It was taken to an off color topic by others, so I attempted to move it to the 2 beer minimum section. Where they could thread jack and we could trade colored opinions and my real thread could STICK TO ITS TOPIC. Now you find a need to put my 2 beer min thread here as a post as if I put it here. YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME LTREY.

    I realize one of the advantages of being boss is you get to rewrite history to your favor but dont pull this stuff with me as I did nothing to merit it. How are you going to bully someone and then tell them to stop acting like a tough guy while you are bullying them?

    In case you didn't realize, about 50% of members were missing their avatars, I didn't get mine working until this morning.

    When things get moved, there's a big "MOVED" Tag in front of it.

    You need to relax, you're blowing this up too way more than it really is, a technical error occurred, you were not the only one effected by it, relax.

    There is no moved tag, no PM, just a post in this thread that makes me look like I posted it here. I did not, and dont like people rearanging my words for me.

    I got a thread removed from 2 beer min for using the unforgivable tough guy words of "you losers".

    Maybe they didnt do the avatar, but he sure did hose up my posts.
    Tom Powers < Hetero

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