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    Re: 9.7 Million to pick up James! Worth it????

    People really amaze me. It seems like 50% of the poster are into spending big time dollars on a RB. What about when Onterrio was playing and he was tearing it up or after MM has a good game or when we drafted fason. 85% of the posters on this board was head over heals about our RB's. THEY HAD BLOCKING and sometimes they didn't.

    So what are we gonna do, draft a RB or get one in FA and let our past draft picks like fason, onterrio, and mewelde ride the bench? We'll never know if our draft pics ever worked out if we keep drafting new ones to replace the old ones cause they couldn't run behind a sh*ty offensive line. Some people already got it figured out others still think that we need a amazing back or else we'll never win. We need a front line so any of RB's can get it done. RB's are a dime a dozen and they are often injured, the life span of a RB is no more than 5 or 6 years in the NFL, don't waste first round picks on them, i like deangelo but i would take a defensive star over him anyday, IF i was doin the drafting.

    Piont is we drafted RB's three years in a row, we have potential first rounders, we got proven 1,000 yards rushers, we got guys like mewelde who broke NCAA records for rushing and recieving combined. What more do we need? An offensive line.

    Some fans get entirly too down on guys that don't have great seasons, when there was nothing more they could do. Fason, Burlson, Culpepper, Kliensasser, Mewelde are just a few names of guys who needed help around them to suceed. This is the ultimate team sport, one guy f*cks up the whole play is jacked. Kliensasser can't do all the blocking, fason can't run through 9 defenders in the red zone when thats not even his game.

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    Re: 9.7 Million to pick up James! Worth it????

    Both are way too pricy.

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    Re: 9.7 Million to pick up James! Worth it????

    Edge would cost us too much $ for too little in return. He's going on his ninth year I think. For RBs that's really stretching it.

    Alexander would be a great pickup but the price tag would be too steep.

    And I hope I don't have to read anymore stupid pro MeMo, O Smith or Bennett posts. The reason we got rid of Tice is so we don't have to put up with gibberish like that anymore. The last three seasons have proved, if nothing else, that we need a solid RB that can make plays in the open field.

    What I would like to see is the Vikes picking up a solid back w/ 3-4 years experience. Or it would be cool if we drafted a way-cool back in the draft.

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    Re: 9.7 Million to pick up James! Worth it????

    A real solid, good post Vikingstw!
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

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