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    4th Quarter Comebacks

    I'll try this again, since it seems it somehow ended up in a different topic.

    I've always been a big fan of Duante's. I think last years horrific season had as much to do with the decline of the O-line and the absence of Linehan than anything. Even with the injury, I was willing to stick it out and figure that he would come back and still be a better than average QB. His whiney antics of late have convinced me that it may be best if he goes. They keep stats on everything, but I don't know if anyone has a stat on this. How many 4th Q comebacks has Duante led? I can't think of too many. It seems to me that he has always been best as a frontrunner. Anybody have any comments?

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    Re: 4th Quarter Comebacks

    Not many at all. Culpepper is, by no means, a cool comeback kid ala Brady, Favre, etc... In fact, the only ones that come to mind are in '01 vs Tampa Bay when he ran for a TD [not threw] with like a minute left to win the game for the Vikes 20-16. Other ones that come to mind are the New Orleans game where he won in a shootout and led us to victory with a 2 point conversion run. And the Houston game, where he threw that TD to M-Rob in OT.

    Other than that, Daunte has never proven he could lead his team in the 4th to victory. You're right, he has always been the type to either play with a lead, or go down when the team is down.

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