Next position is RB's with a bit of FB flavor added to it.

28 Adrian Peterson RB 25 6'1" 217 4 2013
7 Toby Gerhart RB 23 6'0" 231 R 0
82 Darius Reynaud WR 25 5'9" 201 3
34 Albert Young RB 25 5'10" 209 2
-- Ian Johnson RB 23 5'11" 212 1
-- James Johnson RB 25 5'11" 205 1
* Derrick Law RB -- -- -- R 0
* Tyler Role RB -- -- -- R 0

This is another position on the team that is pretty exciting to look at. Although I think we put a bit to much stock into the importance of our backup to AD, I like what we have
behind him.

I absolutely love the addition of Toby. I think he is gonna
be a very fun kid to watch when it comes to his ability to
run the ball as well as catch it out of the backfield.

Some seem to want to lump him in as a replacement for our FB, but I think that is seriously misjudging his skillset that
he brings to the table. From what I can gather, he runs with just as much power as AD which should really compliment what the staff does when it comes to softening up the middle of the defense.

Next inline is AY, who seemed to have a leg up on the other candidates behind him for the 3rd RB spot on the 53 man roster until the shift of DR to the RB position.

Prior to that, alot of people seem to think that Ian is a better back, however, I am going to defer to the coaching staff and thier decision last year as the deciding factor of who is a better back going into this process.

In the end, I don't think we are going to see anything earth shattering here with respect to the roster composition. I looke to see AD, Toby and AY as locks (in that order) to cement down the 3 roster positions typically carried by the coaching staff.

What remains to be seen is will the staff go ahead and carry a extra RB or will DR make AY expendable?

For now, I am going to go ahead and say that AD, TG, DR, AY and IJ make the 80 man roster with the other 3 on the outside looking in.

For the 53 man roster, I think we will see the following:

Starter - 28 Adrian Peterson RB
Backup - 7 Toby Gerhart RB
Backup - 82 Darius Reynaud WR

PS - 34 Albert Young RB
Released - Ian Johnson RB (Could be retained on PS)
Released - James Johnson RB
Released - Derrick Law RB
Released - Tyler Role RB

On to the fun stuff......FB's....... :cheer:

38 Naufahu Tahi FB 28 6'0" 254 5 2011
83 Jeff Dugan FB 29 6'4" 258 7 2012

I still contend that our FB position is really not needed, especially when one consideres how little it is used with respect as a offensive threat. Mix in the fact that AD doesn't like to follow a FB as he feals it slows him down to the hole and even gets in his way as he makes his first cut.

My guess, both make the 80 man roster with Dugan getting the knod to hold down the FB slot as a H-back and Tahi doesn't make the 53 man roster.

More on Dugan, our TE's and the 53 man roster in the TE analysis.