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Good stuff my friend.

I found this site the other day snooping about for rumors/visists/team interest etc.


Anyway, back to the discussion, I am starting to get a feeling that the art of "Trading" might be coming back in this "UNCAPPED" environment that will be this offseason and should make it very interesting.
Feb 24 2010 11:40:33
Vikings trade Pats QB Brady for 1st and 3rd round

(not so sure about that one...)
I would cream my pants, but it will never happen.

Would leave the Pats in quite a scenario without a QB.
It devastated them 2 years ago when Brady went down.
who's their backup now? (serious question)

there's a difference between losing a QB for a season, and trading away your franchise qb for relatively little. I bet if Cassell started this season, thye wouldn't have done nearly as well as he did two seasons ago.
Who cares (Rowe/Hoyer).....Did you know who Cassel was?
I did, but not because of skill.

The team isn't as strong now as it was, I don't think Cassel could lead them to 11-5, and the odds of having another guy able to play at Cassel's level is fairly low.

if you were GM of the Pats, would you consider trading Brady for a 1st and 3rd and putting ALL of your faith in the backup?

When Brady got injured, they had no choice. Trading Brady is a fairly large choice, and would be a poor one at that.
I would have to think hard about a 1st and a 3rd. Probably not enough.

I would do it in a heartbeat for a 1rst, a 3rd and a cat like Ray Edwards (Insert name of player that fills a big hole here).

The other thing I would do is to follow that trade up with a nice press conference that articulated how we had a nice run, but now were in the need to reload. Judging by the way that team reloads, it wouldn't be a hard sell to convince the fans that we weren't that far away.

On a side note (or two), 1)Did you know who Brady was when he opted to go with him?, 2) Don't think for one second that the Pats are that far out of it. They will be competitive this year regardless of what the talking heads are saying on the Disney channel.
I'd agree, in that if I were trading, I'd want a player that I know what I'm getting as well as picks.

for 1) again, they had no choice. Bledsoe got hurt, Brady did great. They stuck with Brady, because they liked what they saw
2. I don't think they're that out of it. You'll have to agree they're not the team they used to be, but they're still a strong team. They have a great offense and a good defense. However, they need a QB to make that offense run. Brady's been doing that by himself for a while, and has been huge in making it run with Welker and Moss. The reason i say Cassel might not be able to repeat his sucess is because of Defense. They don't have the dominant defense that led them to three superbowls. They have a good one, but not great.
What I find curious (now that we've mucked about down that path) with the Pats this year is why didn't his two prized Coordinators come back home?

Did they try and he said no, I have better options, or did they think times are getting desparate in Patsville.

At somepoint, one would think that that staff couldn't continue to be successfull with the way it is consistently raped by other teams.
I think you're underestimating the ego of Belichek. I think he believes he can win with just about anyone and doesn't want to take a back seat to any supposed guru on his staff. That way no one ever questions why they are sucessful.

On the Brady conversation, I think it would be idiotic to trade him, but I wouldn't be surprised.
I am not so sure that his ego is that big. I just think he likes to surround himself with the best football minds out there. Case in point, he and Pioli sure got along for what seems like ages.....

Old, but interesting article....

Patriotsí Pioli refuses to consider GM possibilities elsewhere