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    Re: 2008 NFL Mock Draft - 4 Rounds

    "gregorycox" wrote:
    RE: Rodgers-Cromartie & Reggie Smith. I think it'd be foolish to put "DRC" at safety. He is 6'2" like his cousin Antonio (Chargers) but ~30 pounds lighter. Bad fit. Might grow (weight) into it, but why? Especially if it costs him speed. We might find out at #27 if the Chargers believe he can work there because it's a little scary to pair him with his cousin in the same secondary.

    Reggie Smith is more flexible and ready to contribute at safety. A lot of these guys wind up in nickel/corner sets anyway so if they are meant to shift over to safety then it will happen. Antrel Rolle is now making the switch for Arizona.

    RE: Martellus Bennett & Martin Rucker. Bennett is an elite prospect. This isn't a great year at the top for TE, but he can block and catch. Good fit for the Vikings. Rucker not so much. Can't block and his gaudy number receiving (184 receptions, 1912 yards & 14 TD in final 39 games) are likely a product of a certain Chase Daniel running the offense.

    Now just to keep everyone updated I have been painstakingly updating the draft as it grew to 5 rounds. Here is the preview:

    #17 DE-Derrick Harvey (Florida)
    #47 WR-Devin Thomas (Michigan State) big & fast
    #73 S-DaJuan Morgan (NC State) can play either spot
    #82 C-Steve Justice (Wake) depth at guard, future at center
    #113 SS-Tom Zbikowski (Notre Dame) tough guy, enforcer
    #142 QB-Ainge (Tennessee)

    It's not the perfect outcome for the Vikings, but they improve both ends of their biggest problem which is stopping the pass. Better rush plus guys to come in over the top for teams who launch the ball down the field. Thomas can stabilize their WR play. Anything they get for Troy is gravy. Justice is a luxury pick, but it's smart business to keep their interior line loaded.
    Thanks for the input re: Bennett and Rucker.
    I see Rucker a little differently, those gaudy numbers may not be able to be relicated in Vikingland, but, I think he is going to be a very good player in the NFL.

    I Like your board and totally agree we should not go WR in the first round...there are a bunch of 2nd and 3rd Rounders available, who knows, Jordy Nelson could end up being the best.

    #17 - Harvey seems like a safe pick, and concur, great line play enables big me, it's a function of which position (S/CB or DE), the Vikes value most here.
    I can see Williams, however, I can also see Harvey.
    I'm mixed on Williams as I dig deeper.
    #47 - I like Thomas for sure, however, I could see the Vikes going DB here, especially if we go DE in Rd 1 (maybe even a trade up for Reggie Kelly)
    #73 - Morgan, is appropriate, but, I see flip-flopping #'s 47 and 73 (Jordy Nelson

    #82 - I see OL, most versatile on the Board...very well could be Justice.
    #113 - Zbikowski, love it!!!
    Can't teach heart...if he's there, completely agree.
    #142 - I can see Ainge here...I think he's better than people think

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    Re: 2008 NFL Mock Draft - 4 Rounds

    I don't think Ainge falls that far

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    Re: 2008 NFL Mock Draft - 4 Rounds

    "DiehardVikesFan" wrote:
    I don't think Ainge falls that far
    I agree, that's what I meant...if he's there, I can see taking him with that pick.

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
    As a matter of fact, I do know

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    Re: 2008 NFL Mock Draft - 4 Rounds

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    by Gregory Cox
    Director of College Football and NFL Analysis

    I have been asked what the fascination is with NFL mock drafts. For me it is pretty simple. Everyone has hope for the following season when their team can make a run. Top to bottom each city can look for something positive in a mock draft. Last year the Giants were 8-8, now they are Super Bowl champions. Fans of Houston, Philadelphia, Minnesota, and Arizona (all 8-8 this year) or even Denver, Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, Carolina and New Orleans (7-9) have visions of a similar run.
    For all you draftnicks out there, this guy usually does a pretty good job not only picking actual players but he also has some pretty good points when it comes to why teams pick the way they do.

    17) Minnesota – S Kenny Phillips (Miami, FL)
    47) Minnesota – DE Chris Ellis (Virginia Tech)
    73) Minnesota (via Denver) – WR Adarius Bowman (Oklahoma State)
    82) Minnesota – C Steve Justice (Wake Forest)
    113) Minnesota – QB Erik Ainge (Tennessee)

    Needless to say I really like his stuff even though I depart from his selections after Ellis

    Take some time and read his comments on all the teams.
    Again, he always does a great job explaining things.
    i assume that this mock was done before the combine cuz bowman and phillips both had terrible workouts.
    bowman might end up being a 3rd rounder, but i heard phillips has to have a good pro day to maybe crack the 1st round.
    he had a bad year at miami and his workout didn't improve his stock.
    some of the hype he has been getting is becuz the safety class is really weak this year.
    the vikes best bet is to get a free agent safety, i.e; m.williams or g.wilson.
    i'm not really sure we can find a safety in the draft that will come out starting for us this year.
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    Re: 2008 NFL Mock Draft - 4 Rounds

    A few notes.

    One of the guys I really respect is Scott Wright of He has DaJuan Morgan going #43, albeit to the Panthers who are desperate to not let the safety position slide by them in this draft. So not everyone thinks he's going to be taken later on.

    ragz - The one you quoted was pre-combine. Bowman lost 15 spots, Phillips went from #17 to #13.

    Phillips might have been a step slow, but as someone pointed out in another Viking thread (ironically) he ran the same 40 as a certain Sean Taylor did in his combine. Let's not overreact to the combine. I can't see him out of the top 20, much less round 1. There are at least a few teams from 18-25 who I think could take him should Denver, Carolina & Minnesota all pass. In fact, from 19-23 all of them might consider it.

    You're right. Ainge is not likely to dip that far. I've already got him earmarked to go up. What you have to realize is that we're fitting so many pieces into so many places it isn't always as easy as "Joe Blow is valued at 120-125" and then assigning him there. Sometimes it feels like Sodoku (sp?) when I'm filling this out and modifying it.

    The new mock is up if you want to check it out on and you can expect the 6 round version between March 6th-8th.

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