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    2008 Draft Predictions

    This years draft is getting pretty exciting! I like the free agent signings so far and with the draft coming up, I'm super excited to see who we are going to get.

    My predictions are something like this.

    1st round-DE. We need a DE to fill the hole with Kenechi Udeze out. (I really hope he gets better). And we need a DE that is a solid pass rusher and can be solid for years to come. Hopefully Erasmus James will come back from injury and help with this department too. With Ray Edwards, Brian Robison and Jayme Mitchell backing them up, we are solid in this area. So I think this fits.

    2nd round-OL. Our starters on our OL are solid and great. What we lack is depth behind them. Securing TJack and creating holes for our running squad is something we need to always do in order for us to win games. A solid guy that can challenge Ryan Cook for the RT spot or be a solid back up could be a good choice here.

    3rd round-LB. We need to be able to get a solid LB that can possibly start or be a solid back up. Our starters are great right now, but we don't have much depth behind them. This rookie will definitely learn a lot from our LB corp, and possibly compete with Ben Leber for the Strong side, with respect to Ben.

    3rd round (from Broncos last year)-DT. We need someone that is a good relief for the Williams bros if they need a breather. We lost Spencer Johnson to free agency and we need someone that can learn from the best DT duo in the league. I say DT in this spot is a good move because we need depth in this area.

    4th round-DB,S. Our starting safeties are pretty much locked in and what we need is someone that can back them up. We lack depth in this area and with this pick helps fill that hole.

    5th round-WR. Will be someone that could fill the 5th WR for our team, or possibly challenge Aundre Allison for the #4 spot. Our WRs go something like this. 1-Berrian, 2-Rice, 3-Wade, 4-Allison, 5-Rookie. Allison last year was a 5th round pick and has really come into his own. I think this would be a good position for this pick.

    6th round-LB. We need someone that can compete for a special teams spot as well as possibly compete for the LB back up roles. We should get Rufus Alexander back from injury last year and that should help with the depth. And, since we might lose Heath Farwell to FA, we need someone to replace him.

    6th round (from Jacksonville)-RB. We have 3 solid running backs that are pretty much set in stone for a while. AP is a stud. Chester Taylor is the other stud. We just signed Maurice Hicks. Hicks is a solid 3. A #4 RB might be a good choice at this point.

    7th round-WR. Hey, we might get lucky and get a Marques Colston or a T.J. Houzmenzhada. Or he'll just be a #6 WR guy on our team.

    So, what do you think? Does this sound good? Or do you have your own predictions?

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    Re: 2008 Draft Predictions

    #17- harvy.if hes not avalible then BPA. poss hardy,sweed,phillips or a OT

    Round 2- DE if we didnt get harvy.if we got him then devin thomas would be nice or any WR thats solid

    Round 3- round 7-
    S,DT,LB,QB.DE not nessasarily in that order
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    Re: 2008 Draft Predictions

    1st- _____ ___________
    2nd- _________ ___________
    3rd- ____ ______
    3rd- _______ ___
    4th- _______ ______________
    5th- _____ _____
    6th- ___ _______
    6th- ____________ _________________________
    7th- Me

    Pissing on the Pack since 08'

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