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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft Picks

    I love the Calvin Johnson part. I hope someone doesnt pick him before us. I saw a mock draft at my friends house that has us taking JaMarcus Russell. Thoughts about that??

    Thank you Josdin for the sig

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft Picks

    Just to let you know......I am a huge notre dame and Zbikowski fan....BUT HE IS NOT GOING 1ST OR 2ND OR EVEN 3RD ROUND!!

    1) Raiders-JaMarcus Russell- Al Davis would pick him, because of the size and arm strength

    2) Lions-Brady Quinn- I dont think Lions fans would be too mad about this pick!

    3) Browns-Joe Thomas- As much as they could take a franchise caliber back in Adrian Peterson, you can't do much with a HORRIBLE offensive line...

    4) Bucs-Gaines Adams- Yes, Joey Galloway is aging and Michael Clayton didn't preform that well....but they need defensive help as Simeon Rice is probably gone.(Look for a possible trade down for Laron Landry)

    5) Cardinals-Alan Branch- A solid run stopper for the cards improving defense, watch them snag Joe Thomas if he slides this far!

    6) Redskins-Quentin Moses- They gamble on his upside at d-end

    7) Vikings-Calvin Johnson- I'm pretty sure most Vikings fans would be happy with this pick, especially me!
    The playmaker for the future has arrived!

    8) Texans-Adrian Peterson- What a steal at this point, injuries this season make him fall though...look for the Texans to be very happy with this pick!

    9) Dolphins-Paul Posluszny- With an aging defense, they grab a young star from the big ten...should improve their linebacking core a bit..!

    10) Falcons- Reggie Nelson- Finally get the ballhawking saftey they need.

    11) 49ers-Antoine Cason- Now its time to address the defense for the 9ers....

    12) Bills- Dwayne Jarrett- Nice recieving target for Losman to throw to..!

    13) Rams-
    Pat Willis- Get a nice linebacker to help out that defense a bit

    14) Panthers- Ted Ginn Jr- Nice reciever to compliment Steve Smith in the future

    15) Steelers- Lamarr Woodley- Another hard-nosed football player for the steelers d!

    16) Packers- Marshawn Lynch- Bye Bye Ahman

    17) Jags- Levi Brown- Some help on the o-line

    18} Bengals- Demarcus Tyler- Time to stop the run!

    19) Titans- Justin Blalock- As much as fans would have loved Young to Ginn, this is a nice investment to protect the future qb!

    20) Giants- Marcus McCauley- Nice standout corner should help with pass defense!

    21) Broncos- Michael Griffin- John Lynch is not getting any younger....

    22) Patriots (from SEA) Leon Hall- Samuel is gone....

    23) Cowboys- Jeff Samardzija- Sure hands while their recievers arn't getting younger...and who knows TO's future??

    24) Chiefs- Quinn Pitcock- Interior Lineman to help the run defense...

    25) Saints- Aaron Ross- Time to upgrade the pass defense, as the offense looks fine....!

    26) Jets- Amobi Okoye- Help on the d-line

    27) Eagles- Lawrence Timmons- Helps out the linebacking core

    28) Patriots- HB Blades- Nice help for the aging linebackers

    29) Colts- Justin Harrell- Yes, they stopped larry johnson, but lets make sure the problem is fixed....(NOT REALLY!!

    30) Ravens- Troy Smith- Learn under McNair, take over in a few years...

    31) Bears- Zach Miller- Another target for Rex Grossman

    32) Chargers- Buster Davis- A youth linebacker that takes over in a couple years for the elderly

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft Picks

    Raiders - JaMarcus Russel (would be their pick now, and definitely will be when he knocks them dead in workouts)

    2. Detroit Lions - Brady Quinn (will be a bust and the Lions will be the suck of the NFL for another 50,000 years)

    3. Cleveland - Adrian Peterson (They don't miss this chance. Peterson is the real deal)

    4. Tampa Bay - Alan Branch (they need to replace Booker McFarland)

    5. Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas

    6. Washington Redskins - Gaines Adams

    7. Minnesota Vikings - Calvin Johnson (I know the Chiller doesn't like taking WRs but

    I'm not prepared to go any farther.
    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft Picks

    Most of the mock drafts that have been done will probably be shaken up pretty soon.
    Petrino's leaving U of L to coach the Falcons ( > > > ) so Brohm will probably come out early.
    PM me if you'd like a sig.

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft Picks

    "PurplePackerEater" wrote:
    I love draft season though. It's the season of hope!

    and a season of suicide!!!

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft Picks

    We do a 2 round mock draft at work (Beer and Wings etc).
    Everyone chips in $5 and winner gets all.

    I haven't done mine yet but this is one that I like.
    Fun will start after the combine and all the "Spin" is done on the numbers/workouts.

    • 1. ) Oakland Raiders – JaMarcus Russell (QB, Louisiana State)
    They just aren’t smart enough to pick Brady Quinn but Russell will be Top 10 talent come draft day.

    • 2.) Detroit Lions – Brady Quinn (QB, Notre Dame)
    The Lions could go with either Quinn or Joe Thomas here but they choose Quinn to be mentored under Jon Kitna.

    • 3.) Cleveland Browns – Joe Thomas (OT, Wisconsin)
    Giving their young QB’s protection is a must priority right now. I believe they’ll snatch Ahman Green in the off season so Adrian Peterson won’t be a need here.

    • 4.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Calvin Johnson (WR, Georgia Tech)
    Joey Galloway isn’t getting any young and Michael Clayton isn’t working out anymore.

    • 5.) Arizona Cardinals – Alan Branch (DT, Michigan)
    Their defense just got better with this stud DT

    • 6.) Washington Redskins – Darrelle Revis (CB, Pittsburgh)
    They could go with Gaines Adams right here but Darrell will shoot up the draft boards and improve their abysmal secondary incredibly

    • 7.) Minnesota Vikings – Dwayne Jarrett (WR, USC)
    Their best WR is Travis Taylor and he just got arrested…They have to take Jarrett. Boy, will he shine for this team. Fans will be like, Randy Who?

    • 8.) Houston Texans – Adrian Peterson (RB, Oklahoma)
    Skipping over Bush last year didn’t seem like a smart move last year, but it was. Peterson is a much more productive runner and will carry this franchise for a long time. The best pick in Texans history.

    • 9.) Miami Dolphins – Gaines Adams (DE, Clemson)
    Jason Taylor is rumored to retire in the off season, even if he doesn’t I’m sure it would be nice to have another dominate DE on the other side

    • 10.) Atlanta Falcons – Teddy Ginn (WR, Ohio State)
    The Michael Vick of WR’s…He’s a Freak and will be awesome for this team. This WR will at least catch the damn ball

    • 11.) San Francisco 49er’s – Antoine Cason (CB, Arizona)
    My favorite and arguably, the best CB prospect (next to McCauley) to come out of this draft. He will surprise a lot of viewers with his talent.

    • 12.) Buffalo Bills – Justin Blalock (OG, Texas)
    I thought they should’ve gone with Winston Justice last year but Donte Whitner just shocked the hell out of me. Solidifying the line needs to be addressed. Blalock can play any position on that line.

    • 13.) St. Louis Rams – Patrick Willis (LB, Ole Mississippi)
    He’s one of the best LB’s in the draft and will upgrade their defense.

    • 14.) Carolina Panthers – LaRon Landry (S, LSU)
    With Thomas Davis moving to LB, who do they have at Safety? As a Ravens fan, I know full well what his brother Dawan can do. LaRon is said to be even better which scares me to death.

    • 15.) Green Bay Backers – Marshawn Lynch (RB, California)
    With Ahman Green gone, they need another young speed freak. Lynch will be the best RB to come out of the draft this year.

    • 16.) Pittsburgh Steelers – Quentin Moses (DE, Georgia)
    They need to get that pass rush dominating again. He will be a steal at this part of the draft.

    • 17.) Jacksonville Jaguars – Reggie Nelson (S, Florida)
    The DB’s are all ready freakishly good in Jacksonville, how about another one?

    • 18.) Cincinnati Bengals – DeMarcus Tyler (DT, North Carolina)
    And I thought the signing of Sam Adams would help a lot…Tyler and Adams will definitely stop those leaks.

    • 19.) Tennessee Titans – Leon Hall (CB, Michigan)
    Vince Young better be very grateful that he’ll never have to against this guy, give him a few years and he’ll be the next Ty Law.

    • 20.) New York Giants – Michael Bush (RB, Louisville)
    I don’t think his injury would stop them from getting Bush at this point. He’ll be a great replacement for Tiki. His power will wear down opposing defenses.

    • 21.) Denver Broncos – Victor Abiamiri (DE, Notre Dame)
    They’re defense was incredible during the start of the season and it just stopped doing its job. Victor will help keep that line fresh.

    • 22.) New England Patriots (From Seattle) – Jeff Samardzija (WR, Notre Dame)
    The Patriots will take him thinking they got great talent…but I sense a bust. And I thought I had a hard time pronouncing Roethlisberger…

    • 23.) Dallas Cowboys – Aaron Sears (OL, Tennessee)
    Tony Romo looked like a deer caught in the headlights during the later half of the season. Get him some protection! Aaron Sears will be bad - for this team

    • 24.) Kansas City Chiefs – Frank Okam (DT, Texas)
    They were a very balanced Defense but that’s actually not saying much. Ranked 18th against the run and the pass each. Plug up those holes with this guy. Solid addition to the line and will free up Tamba Hali to get more pressure.

    • 25.) New Orleans Saints – Paul Pozluszny (LB, Penn State)
    God sent this linebacker down the draft board to give them a top 10 defense.

    • 26.) New York Jets – HB Blades (LB, Pittsburgh)
    Blades and Vilma will be the greatest LB corp in a few years. They need to sure up that D.

    • 27.) Philadelphia Eagles – Michael Griffin (S, Texas)
    Michael Lewis is basically being promised that he will be playing somewhere else next year. Enter Michael Griffin. Right now, he is better than Lewis will ever be.

    • 28.) New England Patriots – Marcus McCauley (CB, Fresno)
    Asante Samuel will stay. He’s been too good for them. They’ll add another threat on the opposing side. Great pick here.

    • 29.) Indianapolis Colts – Buster Davis (LB, Florida State)
    Corey Simon will be back next year. The line will be better than ever with Simon and McFarland next to each other so they add a future all-star LB to definitely sure up that run game.

    • 30.) Baltimore Ravens – Troy Smith (QB, Ohio State)
    He dropped quite a bit because of his height and some think he is 2nd round talent but he won’t be there by the time the Ravens pick again. He’ll be a great addition to this team.

    • 31.) Chicago Bears – Levi Brown (OT, Penn State)
    The reason Rex Grossman isn’t as good as he was in the start of the season is because there was protection. Keyword: Protection. Levi Brown will make Rex look like Peyton Manning

    • 32.) San Diego Chargers – Josh Beekman (OG, Boston College)
    Just give Philip Rivers more time and he might just go 16-0. Beekman is the meanest and toughest O-lineman to enter the draft. He will produce.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft Picks

    (in regards to the first mock draft) As much as I would love Calvin Johnson, imagine how nice our OL would be with Joe Thomas on it manning the right side. Thomas won't make it past us, but it's very unlikely that he even makes it to us.

    Thanks for the sig PurplePeopleEaters

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft Picks

    "PacMan21" wrote:
    (in regards to the first mock draft) As much as I would love Calvin Johnson, imagine how nice our OL would be with Joe Thomas on it manning the right side. Thomas won't make it past us, but it's very unlikely that he even makes it to us.

    Our OL would be stacked if we got him(as long as he pans out to be what we think) And they always say winning starts in the trenches. I wouldn't mind that possibility

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft Picks

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "WVV" wrote:
    welcome fjgotti

    if Grandpa Al pics a RB then we know he is senile.
    UNLESS LaMont Jordan is NOT the answer...and he thinks that he can get a vet like Garcia in for cheap.

    Adrian Peterson is probably a CAN'T MISS pick, so picking him #1 overall isn' t as bad as one might think.

    I would be happy with Calvin Johnson...but he could end up being a bust for all we know.
    I guarantee you...IF Adrian Peterson drops down to us, we would be crazy not to take him...and then find our WRs in FA or via trade!
    I agree, I follow the Sooners, but the only thing I would question about Peterson, is his durability. I do believe he has missed time each year he's been there.

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    Re: 2007 NFL Mock Draft Picks

    I don't believe Calvin Johnson will drop to us.. He's being projected as a top 3 pick, and this is BEFORE any pro-days or combine workouts. He's going to blow people away at his workouts if what I read and what I have seen is to be believed.. The only way he drops to us is if he pulls a hamstring while running a 40 yard dash or something.

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