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    2 Words: David Carr me before calling this Fan crazy.

    Rumors are really beginning to swirl about the Texans releasing David Carr before the 07 draft. Not only is Bob McNair hinting that the Texans are tired of his inconsistency but now the word on the street is that Jake Plummer may be headed to Reliant Stadium.

    So if...I mean once David Carr gets released, why wouldnt the Vikings jump all over it & sign the man!?! David Carr may have played inconsistent throughout his career, but wouldn't anyone that has been sacked 249 times in 5 years? The guy was pheonomenal in his days at Fresno State and has shown signs that he has what it takes to be a big time NFL QB. Look at the numbers people...his PCTs, yards, and more importantly Wins are there when he isnt being hurried and thrown to the turf all game.

    The guy has played behind the sorriest excuse for an Offensive line his entire career. I say sign him & put him behind the Matt Birk. The guy is smart, has enough mobility, and is a good pocket passer when protected.

    Jeff Garcia would be a good short-term solution to the Vikings woes but clearly a 5 year vet like David Carr would give them much more than that.

    I would even take David Carr over drafting Quinn or Jamarcus. I like what I have seen in Carr when he has time to throw the ball in the past few years. Besides, I am not sure about Quinn's NFL potential & Jamarcus Russell comes from the Culpepper mold.

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    Re: 2 Words: David Carr

    one word: NO!

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    Re: 2 Words: David Carr

    I like the idea of David Carr. I think he still has some life left in him. Houston will probaly get Jake Plummer, but who knows.

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    Re: 2 Words: David Carr

    Carr discussion can be found in this thread:

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