"VikesfaninWis" wrote:
"Marrdro" wrote:
Hmmmmm, who could the get a deal done with?

Possibly thier starting QB?
If by luck or my prayers are answered and TJ has a good year this year I would expect they would try to extend his 4 year contract somehow.

I'm not holding my breath on that one.. ;D If he fails this year, he will have no more excuses.. It will be his third year in the league, third year in the same system, second year as a starter, and now has a legit deep threat in Berrian here.. If he plays again next season like he did this past season, then he needs to go..
UHH??? how long did it take Eli Manning to get it??.. arguably Phil Rivers still hasn't gotten it...

BB a legit threat??.... that's debatable!!... he's a threat!.. but legit?.. that's putting the cart alittle before the horse don't you think?