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[size=13pt]Mock Madness 3.0[/size]


By Mike Wobschall, vikings.com

Who will be there for the Vikings at pick #17? Will Minnesota select an offensive player or will they instead choose to fortify their defense?...

DraftInsiders.com – Frank Coyle

A new player appears on the list as Coyle sees offensive tackle Chris Williams going to the Vikings at #17. Coyle says the offensive tackle pool is deep this year and the Vikings could dip into it early.
If by some small miracle Williams gets to 17 then the Vikes would be crazy not to at least entertain the idea of picking him.

I would love to see how his mock went to see who took what that got Williams that far down.
I think OT is kind of like QB in that this draft pool is viewed as deep, and most teams have multiple needs, so although there is tons of need at OT, many of them may wait til later to grab one.
Teams like CAR and DET could go OL, but could just as easily go RB or defense.
CHI needs OL but might go Sweed or Kelly...they can't possibly be counting on Booker to replace Berrian and Moose!!?
NE and the Jets might go there, but need pass rush and/or CB help.
Hell even Jake Long could go No.1 or 2 or fall to KC at 5.

When they do start flying off the board, there may be a run on them.
Should be an interesting draft.
Only one more month of rampant wild speculation to go
i do luv this time of year.
Well yeah, a couple hundred people with different opinions are going to all be right come draft day.