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    Re: How do we beat Da Bears after da Bye Preview

    I think we need 2 offensive TDs, 2 FGs, and 1 defensive TD.
    Vikings 27 - Bears 20

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    Re: How do we beat Da Bears after da Bye Preview

    I don't think the Bears can score that much against our D.
    I'm pretty sure if we can hold onto the ball and avoid turnovers, the Offense could get by with 14 or 17 points and still walk out of Soldier Field with a 2-3 record.

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    Re: How do we beat Da Bears after da Bye Preview

    Im not convinced we'll lose this game.

    -The Green Bay Packers. Yes arguably the worst running game in the league right now just tore right through the Bears. Think what Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor will do.

    -Cedric benson looked like absolute crap out there. What was it 25 rushes 56 yards. Think what our run defense can do against them

    -The only thing that can kill us is the pass and Brian Greise doesn't necessarily light it up. Im not scared and our defense can take those throws and score points.
    "Some Coaches pray for wisdom. I pray for 300 lbs. lineman. They give me plenty of wisdom"
    -Chuck Noll

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    Re: How do we beat Da Bears after da Bye Preview

    We need to make Griese look bad.
    Sack him, pick him off, and force him to make mistakes.
    We seem to make bad quarterbacks look great.
    Hopefully, not this week.

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    Re: How do we beat Da Bears after da Bye Preview

    With Green Bay just losing to the Bears, this game is a must win if we want to make any sort of statement and gain confidence heading into the second half of the season.

    I hope we see Rice starting. I've noticed that TJ tends to throw the deep ball a little too high. Although, Rice has some nice leaping ability, can't wait to see the combination. T-will couldn't catch a pepper-shaker if you passed it to him at the dinner table.

    I'm sure we'll see AP utilized in both the running and passing game (let's get him another rookie of the month for October). I hope he plows over Briggs and/or Urlacher during the game
    . It's important to start him off early and utilize the play action later on. I truly hope this is the turning point for TJ's season.
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    Re: How do we beat Da Bears after da Bye Preview

    We can beat the bears by not beating ourselves.
    We just need to take care of the football and minimize the turnovers.
    If at all possible hope that none of the same reffing crews are in this game.
    We need to run the ball down there throats and then when we get to the redzone we need to throw the fade to Rice.
    Our Coaching staff will have to be a little more creative than last 3 games and TJ will need to step up and prove that he has the potential to lead this team to the playoffs and beyond.
    Our Defense needs to get pressure on Griese early and often.
    We also need to play up on the recievers and not give them so much cushion,
    Our cornerbacks are big enough that they should be able to be physical at the line.
    I know I am just rambling on but this is just my opinion.
    Four score and seven years ago, Brad Childress has brought upon this team, a west coast offense, conceived in San Francisco, and Dedicated to be a Kick jiggly butt offence. We are now engaged in an NFL season, testing weather that offense can get going or that our defense can long endure.

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    Re: How do we beat Da Bears after da Bye Preview

    I saw the Sunday game vs the Packers,and I gotta say the Bears suck

    They have many problems moving the ball,a low average QB,a low average RB
    Benson and a weak WR corps.

    In offense they only have a solid OL and Devon Hester ,the man is great I know,it would be fine trying to stay away from him and We have C.Kluwe to do his great job.

    Their D is better ,got one of the best lines in NFL which leds the league in sacks(17),so we better stay prepared in OL,but they are not very kind against the run nor the pass.

    My points.1)Don´t take an early disadvantage score.

    2)Chilly be aware of the refs...

    3)Run the ball with Chester and Adrian,70 % of the time

    4)Beware of
    blitzs and turnovers(that was the factor to their Sunday´s W)

    If we do our job ,we will take away a W at Soldier Field.
    El underdog.

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    Re: How do we beat Da Bears after da Bye Preview

    You guys will not run much against the bears because your qb is worse than the bears.
    favre was a threat so the bears played the pass for the first half.
    We made adjustments and stopped the packers in the second half.
    This same bears team stopped LT and LJ.
    Both of those teams do not have a qb that can kill the bears.
    Griese actually looked ok sunday night using the TE on most plays.
    The packers best bet is to create turnovers, keep the ball out of hesters hands on kick offs and punts and play an turnover free game.

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    Re: How do we beat Da Bears after da Bye Preview

    The question is who will start at QB for us.
    If Holcomb starts, we probably win a close game.
    If TJack does, we could win big or get blown out...depending on how few or many mistakes he makes.

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