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    Big Days V. the Giants

    VIKINGS BIG DAYS VS. THE GIANTS – Brad Johnson earned NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors in his 1st career start against the NY Giants on 9/19/99 while under center for the Washington Redskins. Johnson is 4-1 in 5 career starts against the Giants (3-1 with Washington, 1-0 with Tampa Bay). Johnson’s 3rd-highest passer rating of his career, 145.8, came at the Giants on 9/24/00 while playing for Washington. Johnson threw for 312 yards at the Meadowlands with the Vikings against the Jets with 312 yards on 11/23/97…

    Michael Bennett rushed for a career-high 167 yards on 15 carries, including a 78-yard TD run, vs. New York (11/19/02). The 78-yard scamper is tied for the 3rd-longest in team history…

    Vikings’ QB Brad Johnson completed 20-28 passes for 231 yards and 3 TDs at the Giants (9/19/99) when he was with the Redskins…

    Corey Chavous posted 10 tackles and an interception last vs. New York (10/26/03)…

    Lance Johnstone had two sacks on Kurt Warner vs. the Giants (10/31/04)…

    Moe Williams notched the lone kickoff return TD of his career on an 85-yard return at New York (12/26/99)…

    Kevin Williams posted a sack along with 7 tackles vs. New York (10/31/04)…

    Marcus Robinson had 4 catches for 91 yards vs. New York (10/31/04)…

    Darren Sharper picked off a Kurt Warner pass at Green Bay (10/3/04) when he was with the Packers…

    Fred Smoot had a season-high 9 tackles vs. New York (9/21/03) when he played for the Redskins.

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    Re: Big Days V. the Giants

    Sounds encouraging. These big days threads are very entertaining. Thanks
    for putting them together.

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    Re: Big Days V. the Giants

    Great post webman...with all the bad publicity the national media writes about how bad the Vikings are on the road and also how the Giants own the Vikings....its refreshing to know that a lot of our experienced players have had good games against the Giants.

    Whats most interesting is the sucess BJ has had against the Giants. The Vikings have had some great talents line up under center in the last 10 years - but I think BJ sure is the most intelligent of the crew. Hopefully his wisdom on the Giants will pay off.

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    Re: Big Days V. the Giants

    alot of good stats there, but not one i would really like to see and thats a Win, we need to find a way to beat these guys and if we do our whole season could turn around

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