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    Re: " PP.O's Who are they really? " 20 Questions with Turboe ...

    "BadlandsViking" wrote:
    6) When did you decide to be such a dedicated fan of the Minnesota Vikings?

    I cant remember any particular moment, I just always remember cheering for the Vikes when I was little even though my big brother was a Steelers fan (that is a good story too, but I am getting too long winded here maybe in a follow up post).
    I think it didn't hurt that I had a friend whose family would trek to Met Stadium most seasons for one game, and I started going with his family fairly often.

    7) Could you tell us one of your favorite memories that has to do with the Vikings or one of its past or present players, coaches, etc.

    I remember going to the games at Met Stadium as a kid and I remember the vendors having hot chocolate in some kind of stainless steel keg apparatus that exploded all over some people a few rows in front of us.

    I remember pulling into the Met parking lot with his parents camper one night a day early thinking we were going to camp out for the night and get an early start on tailgating on Sunday only to find out that the crowd of people was actually showing up for a Sat night Northstars game at the Met Center.
    My buddy and I left his parents in the camper and I saw my first ever hockey game that night.

    As far as individual players the best moments have been meeting and almost getting to play with Daunte at a charity golf tournament in FL before his rookie year (I can tell more about that later if you havent heard it before) and then a few years back meeting and eventually gettting to play a couple rounds of golf with Matt Blair who is the nicest guy you ever want to meet.

    [img width=450 height=558][/img]
    I always tell people that my being a Vikings fan and my brother a Steelers fan might have caused some consternation when we were kids, but it actually brought us back closer together later in life.
    My brother moved to MPLS area, and after college I moved to Pittsburgh area to work in the steel industry.
    Obviously I couldnt get the Vikings games each week, and he never got to see the Steelers play very often.
    So we agreed to record the game each week on VHS tape and mail them to each other.
    About Wed/Thurs I would get last weeks Vikings game and sit down to watch it, and he would do the same, and we would talk on the phone.
    Then we would re-record the next weeks game on Sunday and mail them back.
    We never had been that close, but it gave us a reason to talk everyweek.
    So that was pretty cool, and I got to see more of the Vikes games than I normally did.

    The Daunte story was cool also.
    I was playing in Vince Carters charity golf tournament one summer in FL and we had just drafted Daunte a few months earlier.
    When he got out of the car in the parking lot one of my friends said "Oh that is the QB from Univ. of Central FL"
    and I said "no that is the new Vikings QB".
    I introduced myself and got my picture taken with him.
    When the tournament was ready to start some of the celebrities were not there yet, so they sent out our foursome alone and said your celebrity will come out and join you in a few holes.
    I then saw Daunte coming in a cart by himself and he said "is this the 12th hole?"
    and i quickly said yes, he was about to join us when he said somethign about that he was supposed to be with 12B, and one of our group told him we were 12A and 12B was back on the tee.
    I wasnt sure if I was going to mention anything about it or not.
    But the good news is that a couple minutes later our celeb, Charles Oakley showed up, and he was one of the most fun celebs that I ever played with.
    So I guess it wasnt a total loss.

    But I have often wondered if anyone in that group behind us even really appreciated playing with Daunte.
    Certainly not like I would have.

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    Re: " PP.O's Who are they really? " 20 Questions with Turboe ...

    All right another Miller Lite fan.

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