"Zeus" wrote:
"Prophet" wrote:
I'm still laying all blame on Z.

However, a couple more theories have surfaced and have been added to the poll.
Here's the thing.
A lame no-show like you has put me into a position where I cannot win, no matter what I do.

I stopped the sermons after the Indy game (I think I did do a small one at the Carolina game, but that's where I ended up on the field for the KFAN contest) and the Vikings have won every home game, fumbles or no - except for the Atlanta game.

And the difference for the Atlanta game was no tailgate party.

TNT, as lame as she is, cannot be blamed, since the Vikings won the Chicago game.
We should just now anoint her a curse and forbid her from ever coming to a PPO function, lest she cause Jared Allen's mullet to fall out....Samson and his locks, you know.

No sermon last week, tailgate party in the cold, Vikings win, playoffs baby!

No sermon tomorrow, tailgate party in the bitter bitter cold, Vikings win, bring on the Panthers!

We didn't win. It is still Zeus fault.