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    Your take on Wendell Mathis?

    Ok guys and girls................................Does anyone remember Wendell Mathis running all over the USC defense last season, when they almost beat the Trojans?

    Mewelde Moore has become a favorite of mine, but he has sunk to the 3rd back on the depth chart.
    That sux, because if he could just stay healthy, I believe that he could share alot of time with Chester Taylor, but obviously, no luck for him there.

    BUT.......................After watching Wendell Mathis on the few plays, and kick returns against the Steelers, I have to say, "Man, I want him to to make this team, and to find his way as the number 2 guy if he can take the punishment!
    He's quick, and as Coach Childress would say:
    "He's got a little wiggle".

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    Re: Your take on Wendell Mathis?

    He still would have to beat out Fason, who has a shot at getting some PT this season!

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