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Cities, Customers Launch 'Save Our Starbucks' Efforts

It figures that a company predominantly freqented by liberals would have a petition to try to convice Starbucks to keep certain stores open.
They dont understand that a business exists to make a profit, not to be a public service or to employ people.

But since Starbucks is owned and run by liberals as well they just might actually listen to the petition, so I am not saying it is a stupid idea.
Just telling.
I didn't know that starbucks was only predominantly frequented by liberals? In fact I don't believe it. Got proof of that claim?
My guess is the owners of Starbucks know a little more about business than you.
Have you ever been to one???

Note that I didnt say "only" like you did, I said "predominantly" which doesnt mean that everyone is liberal that shops there, it just means over 50%
Anyone that would claim that over 50% of Starbucks clients are not liberal would probably also say that there is no liberal slant to the media.

Just like I would think it safe to say that somewhere over 50% of the people that would go to a Bass Pro Shops or Cabela's would be conservative.
Not to say no liberals shop there, but I bet it would be somewhere south of 50%.
I have no actual data, but I feel pretty confident in my assumptions based solely on imperical data and observations.

And as far as the owners of Starbucks knowing more "about business" than me, I have owned my own business since 2000 and I have never had to close a single location so maybe or maybe not.
No, read the thread.
They did make hundreds of millions, that counts for something.