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    YOUR Bad Cop Stories

    Well I'm bored and also believe the universe needs balance so here we are.
    Plus I remembered a bad cop story that I wanted to put somewhere.

    My friend was having his 21st birthday in Fargo and we were out bar hopping down Broadway St.
    Well it was finally closing time and we were all standing in front of the Old Broadway Bar waiting for a Taxi to come pick us up.
    There was this group of kids just kind of joking around and what not and a very drunk man kind of being verbally abusive.
    One of the college kids from the group decided to tell the guy to back down because he was being a dick.
    Well it was at this point the drunk man let loose a horrid rambling and flashing of his badge that went somewhat paraphrased like this "Do you know who I am?
    I'm a fucking cop you fuck.
    You need to back the fuck up right now before I fucking call my friends in and haul you all to fucking lockup."
    The cops other friends quickly got him under control and dragged their friend off, don't know if anything ever came of it but just couldn't believe it.

    Every job has worthless people at them.
    Everybody quickly think about what coworkers you think would be horrible cops, and then realize that those type of people are out there.
    Luckily I have known lots of good cops to balance against the dicks.

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    Re: YOUR Bad Cop Stories

    Was in college at the U of Cheeseheadland and coming back from Mpls on a Sunday afternoon during a snow storm.
    I was hitchhiking back to the university.
    I'm standing at an off ramp on the freeway and a cop stops, i figured he was going to give me a ride.
    He asks what i'm up to, told him i'm going back to the university...he checks my backpack, has a chemistry book in it.
    So, i'm still thinking he is going to give me a ride down to the next exit....he takes me to the slammer.
    Tells me it's illegal to hitchike on the freeway, takes my stuff, tosses me in jail.
    I had to wait for 2 hrs before he let me make a phone call.
    Then I called my buddies in Mpls, and they, of course, laugh their ass off.
    They cannot make it there until the next morning due to the snowstorm.

    That cop was a grade A asshole.
    I did nothing, had no drugs, no alcohol, was respectful, was obviously a college student, and he tossed me in the slammer.
    Fuck him and every cop like him.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: YOUR Bad Cop Stories

    One time we were skateboarding in this underground parking lot under a bank

    Well there were signs that said no tresspassing.. But we went anyway

    And sure enough we say the cherries pop on like 10 min later.. A couple people ran but most of us stuck around

    He jumps out and screams on the top of his lungs everybody get down!!! So we all sit down

    He called in back up and had 2 other cars come in and made us all sit in the cars and issued us warnings.. It was dumb because it really wasnt nessisary to call in back up for 6 skaters

    Funny part was when my buddy said why dont you worry about real crimes and not some one riding around on a piece of wood.. But we all knew we were trespassing so it wasn't called for.. But the cop kept saying I should issue you all tickets.. You guys were breaking the law and stuff like that.. Yah we know man we admitted to it, don't gotta keep saying it

    But oh well.. I haven't had many bad stories.. Most of my cops were very nice just as long as I was respectful first

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    Re: YOUR Bad Cop Stories

    watched a fight , where some one i knew knocked a coke head out. needless to say police show up. and since a close friend of mine and i where not gonna turn over a friend (for some tweaker), we got ran through a 2 person line up right there in the street. hand cuffed and put in the back of the car.

    charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to do great bodily harm
    -- alleged to have kicked him several times while he was down
    grand theft
    -- alleged to have taken his wallet

    sat in county 3 months while the arresting officer got on the stand and lied their ass off (grand jury). but since they couldn't get the coke head to lie , the charges where dropped. the first thing that came out of the officers mouth was "wheres jesse" . not "what happened?" but they already knew what happened and since we wouldn't play tried to railroad us.

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    Re: YOUR Bad Cop Stories

    OH I forgot this one.. It was dumb as hell

    I was coming home from a buddies one morning and there were tons of cops out... Pulling people over over ANYTHING because of the 10 K festival

    Well I saw 3 right along 59 and that's just what I saw just sitting there waiting.. I was going the speed limit and was buckled up and everything and sure enough I see the cherries pop on

    He comes up do you know why I pulled you over? I say no.. He says because you have decals on the back of your car.. So I was like that's illegal? Im sorry sir..

    And he says they sure are.. Obstruction of view.. he takes my info and goes back to his car.. He was being a little testy but not too bad so that was a plus.. But he comes back with a ticket and a razor and says heres your ticket and points out the court date if I chose to do that.. And says he wants me to scrape the decals off my back window or else if he sees my driving again he will give me another ticket

    I said well can't I go home and just do it before I leave somewhere again? He said if I wanna risk it.. I said fuck it and just scraped them off right there on 59 for like 20 mins

    I mean really why the fuck u want me to do that right there? Why not issue me a warning ticket? I was being cool about it and told him straight up I didn't know they were illegal cuz they sold them whereever and that I was sorry

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    Re: YOUR Bad Cop Stories

    My bad story is not because I was being an ass, but because of the incident itself.
    At 9:30 pm on 23 Jan 1979, I got a call to investigate a single car accident at the local "T" intersection where a farm road joined up with the highway.
    It was extremly cold that night, and the roads were so icy I couldn't get above 25 mph enroute to the location.
    When I pulled up I saw a 1969 Mustang fastback nose first in the ditch.
    The tracks in the skiff looked like he had attempted to stop but the wheels locked up on him and he slid into the ditch and when the
    car hit the far side of the ditch it stopped very suddenly.
    The driver was a young 17 year old local athelete, very nice kid, well liked by everyone.
    Evidently he thought that he would get better traction by placing six concrete parking lot bumpers in the back.
    Unfortunately when the car came to a sudden stop, these concrete bumpers didn't. It is a horrible feeling when tears freeze on your cheeks.

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    Re: YOUR Bad Cop Stories

    We gotta have more then this

    The way people talk about cops around here you know there has to be

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    Re: YOUR Bad Cop Stories

    I got tackled to the ground for laughing at a Cop. The judge also laughed at the Cop later in the court room.
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    Re: YOUR Bad Cop Stories

    I think we could do without this thread.
    There are several people on PP.O who are in law enforcement, were in the past, or are planning to be in the future.
    Do we really need a thread that specifically gives people excuse to bitch about cops?
    This is just going to spark tempers.

    Besides, where is the etiquette in singling out a single demographic and then complaining about them in a football forum?
    What's next, the "YOUR bad experience with a different race story" thread?
    Or the "YOUR bad experience with Canadians story" thread?
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: YOUR Bad Cop Stories

    I think it should be ok

    As long as people aren't straight up like FUCK THE POLICE!! FUCKIN PIGSSS!!!

    Shit like that.. It's been cool lately and it's cool to see why people actually do dislike cops

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