Young Republican National President resigns; Says sex with man was consensual, not harassment

by PageOneQ

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The President of the National Young Republicans, under allegations of sexually harassing another man, has resigned from his post.

An older complaint, from 1988 alleged that Glenn Murphy, whose term at the helm of the group began last month, "had the blankets pulled up over the waist of [redacted] and was committing oral sex on him when he awoke."

Murphy sent an email to friends saying he was resigning from the post he has held for a month for business reasons. Later in the day, his attorney confirmed that Murphy had a sexual encounter with a man, claiming, however, that it was consensual.

The website Talking Down Words printed Murphy's note:

UPDATE: Murphy recently sent an e-mail telling friends in Florida about his decision to resign from the YRNF position for business reasons. In the email Murphy claims the reasons for his resignation are related to his business:

First the great news. I bid on a contract for my company a little more than a year ago. I didn’t think it was going to go anywhere. It was a huge project, and taking on the commitment would be life altering for me and my business — my company doing in one year what I would ordinarily do in five. I never thought in a million years that I would land this bid. Well, I landed the bid Friday. Yay for me, right?

There was a major catch.

Due to the nature of the client, one of the stipulations in the contract was that I hold no official partisan titles. (insert gut-wrenching dilemma here) I could help. I could maintain the political consulting division of my business as long as I had additional lead consultants. But I could hold no official Republican positions.

I found this story as a thread from McCombs site.