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    Re: Are you on the "NO-FLY" list?

    Webby is on the! :razz:

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    Re: Are you on the "NO-FLY" list?

    Ohh my gosh, I saw this on the news the other night and I wanted to post something about it but couldn't find the article online. I was so upset by it that they wouldn't let a 4 year old on the fricken plane. My mom was telling me to calm down when I was watching it. I tend to get too worked up about things. But I just can't believe that this happened, poor little boy.

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    Re: Are you on the "NO-FLY" list?

    Are screaming babies, cell phone users and people who talk a lot (and loud) in general on that list? if not, they should be.

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    Re: Are you on the "NO-FLY" list?

    On my last trip, flying from Texas to Minny I got stopped by security and they searched through my stuff. That sucked, it made the time pass by quicker though!! lol

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