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Thread: Yo Los Angelis

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    Yo Los Angelis

    Hey Los Angelis, I've been on to to check out some of the forums on it. When I tried to create a username it accepted it but told me that a moderator would have to activate my account. The problem is that I have never received a password. Do the packerchatters not want to hear from us Viking fans?

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    Yo Los Angelis

    You got me. I had to wait a couple of days before they even approved me. I think they had to run a credit check or something. I thought it was unusual they asked for three credit card numbers and my social secruity number to register for a username.

    Seriously, they'll get around to you. Just caution yourself, they are well-moderated and don't suffer fools well. It's not an anti-Viking board so they really aren't into trash talk. Just an FYI. They took bigdogbovy and had him "fixed" in no time.
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