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Thread: Yay for me!!!

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    Re: Yay for me!!!

    "ThorSPL" wrote:
    "Prophet" wrote:
    "triedandtruevikesfan" wrote:
    Well I am officially in business for myself!!!
    My parents own a DJ/Kaoroke business and My Farvish Friend and I just opened our own branch of Phoenix Entertainment!!!
    Sorry just had to share my excitement with someone cause I'm at work all by myself!!
    Holy crap, Prophet has too much time on his hands.

    I need a thread-drudging picture!
    LMAO... holy crap.
    It wasn't long after we started this that I moved and she ended up on her own.
    I doubt I made any money though, I'm pretty sure I drank away whatever profit would have been made.

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    Re: Yay for me!!!

    LOL Proph

    I used to DJ a bit when I was younger back in the day

    My father worked for a company in the cities called "solid gold" and he had all the equipment

    I had a ton of hip hop cds back in the day and I would DJ parties for my friends.

    It was good times! Got me in good with the ladies

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