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Thread: WTC twins

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    WTC twins

    What is wrong with Twins pitching this year. I have to think they will come around, but WOW. We have gone through the rotation 3 full times and Silva is still getting lit. The bullpen is getting rocked. And we cannot score runs per usual. Man fustrating to be a Twins fan.

    With that said they will probably spite me and rip off 10 wins in a row (afterr today of course).
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    Re: WTC twins

    I agree that the Minnesota Twins pitching has been sub-par this year. However, I must ask you; what did you mean when you typed "WTC"?
    I Love Kerry Collins (and John Rocker).

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    Re: WTC twins

    What The Chuck?


    Ya, I got a cahnce to watch Radke yesterday and it was his normal self, giving up the long ball. Even when he is pitching well, he gives up the long ball. But only one run HRs instead of 3 runners.

    The announcers keep talking highly of the Twins pitching, but they are just not up to par yet.

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    Re: WTC twins

    WTC is what the crap. It is a gamer abbreviation. It allows for expression in the fastest form. It is usually WTF what the f$$$ but I try not to swear so it has evolved to WTC.

    The pitchers should come around but it seems as though nothing is clicking together yet. Either we score alot and loose or the bullpen gets lit or the starting pitchers get lit. We need to do something. AL central best division in baseball. Tough to get too far out early.
    We can solve poverty today.

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