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    Wow, check this out...


    Hey members,

    I wanted to send out an e-mail to everyone to discuss some of the
    happenings on the board lately.

    Tonight I deleted 2 seperate threads on the board.
    One of the threads was about a topic that existed on about
    Antoine Winfields penis showing through on one of the new uniform photos...

    The other thread contained a link to Viking Update where the VU members
    were discussing their hatred for KFAN...

    Both of these threads seemed to draw some mixed opinions, all of which
    I have to assume are a product of the slow and boring off season, as
    well as the end result of some folks that just enjoy internet drama...

    Either way, I'm getting a little tired of the garbage and wanted to
    send this out to let everyone know that it's going to stop. Whether that
    means deleting a thread or deleting a member account, one way or
    another, it's going to stop.

    It's no secret how most of us on Vikingsboard feel about, KFAN
    and Viking Update. If you really love, KFAN and VikingUpdate,
    then I suppose you have 2 choices:

    1.) Stay on, KFAN and Viking Update and then you don't have to
    worry about the folks here who don't care for those places

    2.) Feel free to remain a member here, and deal with the fact that most
    of us don't care for any of those three places

    The fact of the matter is that all three of those websites were the
    ones that severed any potential relationship that we could have had

    The fact of the matter is that waaaay back when this was a bravenet
    hosted, pop-up advertisement sporting, amateur website... all three of
    those places decided that we were the "competition"...

    So if you don't like the fact that we don't have a good rapport with
    those three websites, then feel free to direct your angst at them.

    For those of you that think that Vikingsboard "hates all things Viking
    that is not this site", I strongly recommend taking a look at the lower
    left hand corner of the message forum, or the right hand column of the
    main page, where our Viking affiliates are listed. You will find that
    unlike mViking Update and, we actually advertise other Viking
    sites. That's the proof that we have no problem with other Viking fan
    communities. We are willing to help work closely with any Viking community

    that wants to be an affiliate. We are willing to swap links with any
    Viking fan site that is willing to do the same in return. can't
    say the same thing, and that is exactly why we have no relationship with
    them. They decided to count us as "competition" a long time ago, and
    thus this is the relationship we have.

    I also want to point out that NONE of those sites are banned in our
    language filter on this site. you can type in the web address of any of
    those places and it will come out as typed. That is more than I can say
    for any of them, all of which have added our web address to their
    language filter to avoid losing members to our community in the event that a
    link is ever posted on their site

    Speaking of links being posted on those sites... I am growing a little
    tired of the e-mails and private messages from people who think that I
    spend my time on any of those sites arguing with their members or
    spamming for this website.

    I don't make a habit out of going to KFAN or any other board to recruit
    members for this site. My recruiting efforts are conducted through
    myspace, google and yahoo, private messaging and e-mails. Unfortunately,
    anytime a vikingsboard link is dropped anywhere on the internet, I get
    accused of spamming since I own and operate the site. It's kind of
    humorous actually that people think I have enough time to work a full time
    job, attend to my family, run the website, write the articles, do all of
    the webmastering, moderate the forums AND go around the net spamming. I
    guess the good Lord added an extra 10-15 hours to the length of a

    The folks that think I am out there spamming may want to think about
    where the personalities on KFAN that pretend to be me or someone
    representing this site actually come from. Is it possible that or one of
    the "rival" sites might have something to do with it?

    Is it possible that showing up on KFAN pretending to be someone from
    this site is working perfectly to convince people that we are a bunch of
    turds here?

    The fact of the matter is that we are doing just fine without having to
    spam KFAN or any other site. We have almost 500 members, we have been
    approved for press passes for training camp this year, we are getting
    interviews with team officials and members of the media, and we are
    offering more original content than any other Viking fan site on the
    internet. Our monthly original hits are doubling those of any other Viking fan
    site on the internet. Why would I need to spam my site on KFAN?

    We've already taken all the members from KFAN that are worth a crap and
    with as much as we dislike the member base that exists over there, why
    in the world would I want to bring them to my site? It makes absolutely
    no sense....

    Anyway I'm beginning to feel like I need to defend myself, and I'll be
    damned if I'm going to do that...

    You don't have to agree with the emoticons that say KFAN Sucks or our
    opinion of but unfortunately that's how the majority of the
    people here feel, and for good reason. Those sites have gone out of their
    way to treat us like competition and have gone out of their way to soil
    our name here. So they should be lucky that an emoticon on vikingsboard
    is the worst we do. We could be out trying to cause serious damage to
    their existence... like they are so clearly attempting to do to us.

    Anyway, I'm getting sick of the internet drama... it's a damn message
    board. On the grand scale of things, vikingsboard, kfan,, kansas
    viking.... it's all about as insiginificant as a flea on a dogs ass!

    So the bottom line is that the garbage is going to end. One way or
    another. I don't really care if Vikingsboard ends up being me and 5 fellow
    Viking fans discussing the team in the smallest community on the net. I
    didn't create this place to compete with the likes of and KFAN.
    Those communities have already shown what they're all about, and
    everybody knows it

    If you have never purchased a piece of the Vikingsboard merchandise
    that keeps this place a free resource UNLIKE VIKING UPDATE.... If you
    aren;t one of the people that makes a "welcome" post when we get a new
    member... if you are not somebody that wishes a long time meber happy
    birthday when his name pops up on the birthday list at the bottom of the
    screen.... if you don;t contribute original articles and content to the
    front page.... if you spend more time lurking and worrying about what we
    might be saying about other viking communities.... then your opinion is
    worth about as much as your contribution... KEEP IT TO YOURSELF because
    it's going to get deleted anyway.

    This is the last thing I'm saying about this topic. The " Sucks"
    emoticon isn;t going anywhere... because the fact is THEY DO SUCK

    The KFAN sucks emoticon is not going anywhere... because the fact of
    the matter is that THEY DO SUCK

    If you think those emoticons are childish, then don't post here.

    If you think KFAN and are swell places filled with top notch
    individuals... and you are offended by our distaste for those
    communities... then don't post here.

    If you think I am a spammer that spends my time on KFAN trrying to
    steal the very same members that I claim to dislike.... then... yes you
    guessed it... don't post here.

    Thanks for your time.
    Happy posting.


    This is funny.. I actually came across this website because i googled for Viking Avatars.. I signed up to see what they had for avatars.. Now all of a sudden I get this e-mail bashing PP.O, and all of its members.. This guy sounds like an assclown. Go get em Webby.. Show him, and his 500 members what a real Viking fan base is all about..

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Wow, check this out...

    Yeah, I received the same e-mail. I forgot about that site, joined a while back. Just went to check it out, not much happenin' there. They can have that message board.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Wow, check this out...

    It's pretty sad actually.

    I almost shed a tear. Then I remembered I didn't give a shit.

    I wouldn't say we count them as competition, what exactly are we competing for? Websites that don't like other site SPAMMING their boards with information about thier garbage site, is common.

    If you go about it the right way I am possitive you could have gotten your shitty link added here. Instead people use the forum to "recruit" thats a no no. Not only here, but many forums.

    Again this is so uneventful and so far away from anything that resembles something to give a rats ass about that it's damn near comical. Who cares what some dink thinks about my favorite fan site?

    You keep reassuring yourself there buddy, keep playing with your e-peen and laying down the laws for your lemmings and spamming your members with e-mails spreading garbage about the three sites that by merely EXSISTING have gone further then yours ever will.

    I'll stick with PPO where I can go a whole 2 years without ever ONCE having to here my admin piss and moan about another site being so meanie to you :cry: :cry: :cry:

    I'll stick with PPO where I can be rest assured we are secure enough to not have emoticons that say other fans site suck LMAO!!!

    Jesus Christ, get off your ass and see some sunshine. Emoticons that say other fan sites suck.........LMAO.........oh jesus.... /sigh

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    Re: Wow, check this out...

    Sounds like some unresolved issues are coming to the surface in that email. Maybe his older brother got all the good presents or his younger brother was the favourite son?

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Wow, check this out...

    I would like to point this out to everyone. Because the tool that wrote the e-mail obviously doesn't know.

    Look on the left side of the screen. If you don't know what left is it is the opposite from the hand with blisters from stroking it in moms basement.

    Under the heading "YOUR VIKINGS" is a link that says "VIKINGS LINKS"

    Open that.......

    Scroll down to "VIKINGS FAN SITES"

    17, count them 17 sites that are not our own for your viewing pleasure. Our links even include the very FEW links his site has as proof of being open minded and welcoming to all.

    Just because we don't link a spammers site, doesn't mean we don't support other, better, less intrusive Vikings fan sites. We do and I have now given you all instructions on how to get there.

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    Re: Wow, check this out...

    500 MEMBERS!!! OMG...we are in trouble NOW!!!!

    If anyone is even remotely concerned about their "PP.O Sucks" emoticon, then just consider the source!

    I won't even give him the satisfaction of going over there to see what it's all about...not worth my time! Time that could be better spent having fun posting HERE!!!


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    Re: Wow, check this out...

    Well...when you're the big dog you have to take shots like that. There is no doubt PP.O is the best Vikings site on the 'net! I say screw 'em and let them enjoy their 500 members. We'll chill over here with our 6,000 and enjoy it.

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    Re: Wow, check this out...


    Sounds like a cry for help to me ... It was silent, but now the voices are taking over.

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    Re: Wow, check this out...

    I couldn't help it, I took a peek ... gonna hang out here ......

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    Re: Wow, check this out...

    they are laughing their asses off at you for even having this thread:

    ~No one cares but you~

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