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    6-KINGS Guest

    Re: would this be illegal????????????????????

    I'm done too.

    God bless us everyone!!
    And the pygmies too!

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    Re: would this be illegal????????????????????

    go pygmies! i heard they have a great running back!
    "you dream of beating me, its time you wake up and apologize."

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    Re: would this be illegal????????????????????

    "zimtwister" wrote:
    thanks six- webby, i am not a bigot-just telling the truth, and no, i personally do not want harm to come to any group, after my divorce i went in to get all the tests done including hiv- because my wife was cheating. when i asked for the test my dr. l;ooked at me like iwas crazy! she asked, do you use drugs? no . she said i have almost no chance of getting hiv unless you-share needles, or are *** and practice UNPROTECTED sex. so show me your #'s on hiv. and how its transmitted.
    AIDS Cases by Exposure Category

    Men who have sex with men
    Male: 440,887
    Women: N/A
    Total: 440,487

    Injecting drug use
    Male: 175,988
    Women: 70,558
    Total: 246,546

    Men who have sex with men and inject drugs
    Male: 62,418
    Women: N/A
    Total: 62,418

    Hemophilia / transfusion / perinatal / not identified
    Male: 14,191
    Women: 6,535
    Total: 20,726

    Heterosexual contact
    Male: 56,403
    Women: 93,586
    Total: 149,989

    Add the last four groups and compare to the first. I just can't stand people who make up stats and follow hyperbole, especially after wishing a terrible disease wipe out a whole targeted group of people. Yes, you fall in the last group and the Male. So statistically you have a low chance. Good job.

    Hey I don't approve of the park either, and I'm not going to make my speech about the lifestyle and what I think, but there is a way to say it. Not the way you chose, and I think you did it to get the ire up as a few; but it just reflected poorly.

    Enjoy your day.

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    Re: would this be illegal????????????????????

    "6-KINGS" wrote:
    "CanadaViking" wrote:
    "zimtwister" wrote:
    del-this is a public place,if they did it at their homes i would not give a flip. i guess i should just let AIDS take care of them, because it will.

    Wow, the aids comment sure borders on the line of ignorance, I appreciate that you do not want these packers grooping each other in your parks and neighborhoods but do not pigeon hole gays as the main distributor of AIDS, because that is simply untrue!

    Also, do you not have anything going on in your life that is better to talk about other then gays in parks by your house?

    Well oh Canada, get it "Oh Canada"
    Anyway, I noticed that you country has legalized *** marriage.
    What the hell is that all about?
    Wait 1 minute, hell is what it all about.

    If you really believe that AIDS is not primarily a disease spread due to sodomy you would be greatly mistaken. Brush up on the homework flapjack.

    And as far as discussing gays in the park, we talk about anything here.
    I did not condemn them just said they go there.
    Did we strike a nerve or did we reveal a hiding place. (jk)

    This constant rush to defend criminal activity here blows me away.
    Sex in a public park be it sodomy or not is a crime.
    There is a reason it is a crime, it's wrong. Pretty simple.
    I know the finite idea of right and wrong some how escapes many people.
    So instead of getting on our case about where criminals hang out, ask yourself why they shouldn't be busted.
    Because that is the basic flaw in your thinking.

    There that outta in the words of Emeril "kick it up a notch"


    Hey 6-Kings, I thoroughly enjoy flapjacks by the way, however I do not play for the other team, your attempt at a put down is lacking intelligence as it is so easy to question my status considering the topic. I was not condoning the activity in the park, I was questioning the AIDS reference.

    What exactly is your concern with same sex marriages?

    Also, contracting the AIDS virus is not against the law. So no one was trying to protect criminals!

    And allowing same sex marriages means we as Canadians are going to hell?


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