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    Re: World Junior Hockey Championship

    I dont think the Amercians were as motivated as the canadians and other teams. The Amercian coaching staff has done a bad job at motivating people. I see this in basketball too.

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    Re: World Junior Hockey Championship

    "SJHILL" wrote:
    "olson_10" wrote:
    im an american living in canada, and this tournament is the biggest joke on earth..canadians go nuts over this thing..the whole point of the tournament is to raise your stock in the nhl draft..completely pointless and meaningless games..ive never seen anybody go so crazy over a bunch of kids playing pickup hockey in my life
    Marry me :grin:

    I watched most of the US games, because I have a man crush on Kessel.

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    Re: World Junior Hockey Championship

    "SJHILL" wrote:
    I laugh how (enter that one guys name here) said the Americans were the favorites coming in. For one, it was on Canada's home ice. And come on, hte Canadiens or Russians are always favorites until proven otherwise.
    Canada wasn't favourites at all. USA was favoured, then Russia, then the Czech Republic, then maybe Canada.

    Canada had only 1 returning player from last year - and he didn't even play last year cuz he had mono or something. In comparison, Russia had something like 8 or 9 returning players, and the States had a stacked roster with Kessel, Schremp, Ryan, Jack Johnson, Eric Johnson, etc.

    It was considered a rebuilding year for Canada to help us for next year. But with a little luck, some hard work and great coaching, Canada managed to pull it off.

    Thanks PPE for the sig.

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