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    World Cup baby boom in Germany

    World Cup baby boom

    The World Cup has caused a baby boom in Germany.

    German maternity wards have reported they are fully booked and having to arrange beds in other wards to accomodate all the women expecting babies in April.

    Midwife Barbara Freischuetz from Cologne said: "The women say that the baby is a souvenir from the World Cup. A product of the euphoria from the tournament."

    Most women who are expecting sons are planning to call them Lukas, Bastian and Michael.

    Midwife Doris Zeiselmeier from Munich said: "All the maternity courses are totally booked out."
    Oh...those randy Germans!


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    Re: World Cup baby boom in Germany

    Mama where do babies come from?.....Watching 22 men kick a ball around makes your father frisky.

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