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    Woman Uses Daughter's Key to 'Steal' Car

    ATHENS, Ohio - A college student who reported that his car was stolen got a surprise when he learned a woman had mistaken it for her daughter's car and taken it- using her key.

    Kate Anderson of Athens became an accidental car thief when she went to pick up her daughter's car near an Ohio University building last week. Anderson spotted the nickel-gray Toyota Camry and used her daughter's key to unlock the car, start the engine and drive home- without realizing that the car wasn't her daughter's.

    When Charlie Vansant left class a short time later, he found only an empty parking spot. He first assumed the car, made in the mid-1980s, had been towed, but when police couldn't find a record of it, they took a theft report.

    "I thought it was very, very bizarre," he said.

    Toyota spokesman Bill Kwong said key technology wasn't as sophisticated two decades ago, and there were only so many ways to cut a key, making it possible for such a mix-up to occur. He said the company now has a microchip embedded in the keys for 90 percent of its vehicles that allows them to start only with the correct key.

    The morning after Anderson took the car, her daughter discovered the Camry in the driveway wasn't hers. Anderson said she was able to find Vansant's name on paperwork in the glove compartment and look up his phone number on the Web site for the university in this southeast Ohio city.

    When Anderson told Vansant the car was in her driveway, "It sounded real fishy at first, like maybe she wanted to hold the thing for ransom," Vansant said.

    He eventually went to the house with a police officer, where he was reunited with his car. According to a police report, the case was closed "because of mistaken car identity." Anderson wasn't charged.

    Vansant seemed to blame the car company more than the "thief." "Her key fit not only my lock, but my ignition as well- so high-five for Toyota, I guess," he said.

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    Re: Woman Uses Daughter's Key to 'Steal' Car

    LOL the great city of OHIO no wonder why there NFL teams suck so bad...

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    Re: Woman Uses Daughter's Key to 'Steal' Car

    Wow, that is crazy.. Kinda makes you second guess where you park your car from now on...

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