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    Re: Woman sexually assaulted by devil

    Wow.....there are some messed up people out there

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    Re: Woman sexually assaulted by devil

    "COJOMAY" wrote:
    Wait a the story rather than just popping off.
    He performed the ceremony in front of 100 people. All of them claim he did nothing wrong in the way of inappropriate touching.
    Michaels also argued during Wednesday's appeal that the exorcism by Piscopo was performed in front of more than 100 people. According to Michaels, none of the witnesses said it was inappropriate to touch someone while performing an exorcism. During the first trial Piscopo was convicted of fourth-degree sexual assault which refers to "unwanted touching without force."
    I'm not sticking up for him as a fellow minister, but I've seen things like this and they are weird to say the least. And yes, touching does go on. But I think the guy got a bum rap here.
    If Michigan law is anything like Wisconsin law, then 4th Degree Sexual Assault is simply "the unwanted touching of the mommy-bits" (paraphrased, obviously).
    Since that's what he's charged with, I'd say that the charges are likely bogus.

    Sadly, people simply read headlines and form's a national disease.


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