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    Woman Settles Suit in Flour Condoms Case

    PHILADELPHIA - A woman who was arrested and jailed for three weeks on drug charges for what turned out to be flour-filled condoms has settled a lawsuit against the city for $180,000.

    "Under the circumstances, something went terribly wrong," Janet H. Lee's attorney, Jeffrey Ibrahim, said Wednesday. "We're trying to ensure that nothing like that ever happens again."

    Lee was a freshman at Bryn Mawr College in 2003 when she tried to take three condoms filled with flour in her carry-on bag on a flight to Los Angeles. They were discovered by airport screeners, and authorities said initial tests showed they contained drugs. Lee was held for 21 days on drug trafficking charges until later tests showed she was telling the truth.

    Lee said the flour-filled condoms were a phallic toy students would squeeze to deal with exam stress, and she thought they were funny and packed them to show friends at home. Lee, now a 21-year-old senior, said she did not know that drug dealers often carry drugs in condoms.

    A trial had been scheduled to begin Thursday in Lee's lawsuit. Lynne Sitarski, a lawyer for the city, said the city was not admitting wrongdoing or liability.

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    Re: Woman Settles Suit in Flour Condoms Case

    Good for her! Although I think she should've got more.

    I took them holding her in jail for 21 days to realize what flour is? LMAO!

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    Re: Woman Settles Suit in Flour Condoms Case

    shes 21 and doesnt know drug dealers smuggle stuff in condoms... shoulda been put in jail just for being dumb

    Thanks josdin00

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    Re: Woman Settles Suit in Flour Condoms Case

    Wow, I should try something like that the next time I'm on a flight! lol

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Woman Settles Suit in Flour Condoms Case

    she's a damn fool.
    i almost think she set it up on purpose in hopes of filing a lawsuit.
    "the only diffrence between suicide and martyrdom is the press coverage"
    Tender Branson

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    Re: Woman Settles Suit in Flour Condoms Case

    I think there is more to the story and she was just quick on her toes when asked.

    Well she did have 21 days to think about it....

    What a crackhead.

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