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More assholes on this site, then originally thought. :

For the Record: There are 100 reasons, she could be using a motorized scooter.
And none of them give her one damn bit of a case.
Non-licensed vehicles should NOT be allowed to go through drive-thrus, end of story.
Of course!
You have to pay for your tags in order to earn the right to buy crappy food in a drive up.
One of the benefits of living in the U.S.A.
No - you have to have a vehicle that has been licensed by the state so that it has approved safety features.

Don't be a schmuck.
Some of us don't need the state to tell us what is and what is not safe.
And a lot of "us" need the government to provide protection from the idiots of the world who decide that their right to do stupid-ass things is more important than society's right to tell them they are idiots.

Let the idiots do stupid things and thin themselves out.
But, you probably are of the mindset that the people that work hard and are successful should give their money to the feds so they can decide who to dole it out to rather than the person that actually earned the money.
Let the fat wench order sliders on her scooter so society doesn't have to pay the cost of another frivolous lawsuit.

You are totally getting me wrong.
The policy should be "licensed vehicles only" so she CAN'T sue - in either case.

Can't sue if they don't serve her.
And can't sue if they do serve her and she gets squashed by a jackass in an H2 who can't see her.

What makes you think she couldn't sue if they don't serve her?

Because she wasn't in a licensed vehicle.
How hard is that to follow?


The has nothing to do with the point that she can still sue.