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    Woman pleads no contest in fork attack

    PLYMOUTH, Mich. - A woman accused of stabbing her husband with a fork during a fight at a restaurant has pleaded no contest to reduced charges of being drunk and disorderly.

    Canton Township police and the Wayne County prosecutor's office had pressed a felonious assault case against Kelly Campbell-Baumgartner, despite her husband's objections.

    But a county judge dismissed the felony charge, and Campbell-Baumgartner entered the plea Monday in exchange for the dismissal of a misdemeanor assault and battery charge. The judge ordered her to pay $350 in fines.

    William Baumgartner earlier denied he had been stabbed in the April incident and said he had no interest in charges against his wife.;_ylt=AkDUNzEWzWe7wSkyXjRp0bYsQE4F

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    Re: Woman pleads no contest in fork attack

    Ohh.. from the thread title I thought she had attacked a fork.
    I just had to look.


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