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    Wisconsin Woman drops bid on bin Laden name change

    APPLETON, Wis. - A woman who petitioned to change her last name to bin Laden did not appear in court on Friday and her case was dismissed. Caren Ann Burke, 49, of Seymour, failed to show for a name change hearing in front of Outagamie County Circuit Court Judge Dee Dyer.

    Burke had filed a name change petition on Aug. 23. She wanted to change her name to Caren Ann bin Laden. She listed her reason as "divorce from Rory S. Burke."

    Dyer said in court that he received a letter from Burke stating she did not file a required third legal notice and was not intending to appear for the hearing.

    Dyer then dismissed her petition.

    Attempts by The Associated Press to reach Burke for comment Friday were unsuccessful.;_ylt=Av_Z9jcjk7n2vVCZPtdqptwsQE4 F

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    Re: Wisconsin Woman drops bid on bin Laden name change

    We're bringing purple back.

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