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    Wisconsin Teen burned after lighting fire near gas

    TWO RIVERS, Wis. - An 18-year-old man was severely burned Thursday after he lit a flame while trying to steal gasoline from a riding lawnmower. He and another 18-year-old man were in a Town of Two Rivers shed early Thursday, trying to extract the fuel from the mower.

    At one point, they decided they needed more light, so one of them ignited burning materials, according to Manitowoc County Sheriff's Inspector Gregg Schetter. The gasoline then exploded, Schetter said.

    One of the men was taken to a Milwaukee hospital with serious burns.

    Authorities learned of the theft after responding to a 4 a.m. call Thursday of a shed on fire.

    County sheriff's deputies and Two Rivers police officers eventually learned of the burned man and connected the clues, Schetter said.

    The other man wasn't injured. He was being held in the Manitowoc County Jail, Schetter said.;_ylt=AsYg6v49eUL1DsY9grX9StMsQ E4F

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    Re: Wisconsin Teen burned after lighting fire near gas

    Man I bet they cant wait for the season to start in Packers land.
    Then this kind of stuff can go back to being swept under the carpet.

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