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Isn't there the same amount of water on Earth as there has been the past 100+ million years?
If so, how is their a water scarcity problem?
Evaporation? ;D
where do you think it evaporates to?
The sky.
What happens when it condenses in the sky?
Turns into water.
Where does that water go?
Back into our rivers and lakes.

I'm not worried, I live within pissing distance of the biggest freshwater lake in the world.
You live in Russia?

Lake Baikal contains more fresh water than all the great lakes combined!
volume, maybe
surface area, Lake Superior is the biggest by far.
Lake Baikal is over 4 times deeper than Lake Superior though.

Right - but if the world is dying off from thirst - which is more important to you, volume or surface area?

Lake Baikal has always fascinated me since I was a kid and first learned about it in 4th grade - I have no idea why...but even as an adult my favorite place to be is on or near a lake.


volume, but when we're talking about lakes that big, it doesn't matter.
Where I live, and near that lake, there's no water shortage.
Its dry places like Africa where its an issue, and short of trucking water in constantly, there's not much to do.