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    Re: WildMans new Mustang

    "Zeus" wrote:
    "BleedinPandG" wrote:
    Wanna race?
    Mine's a 2004 convertible with some exhaust work done... 420 hp at the rear wheels
    Okay, so it's a LOT of exhaust work done

    Unfortunately I'm now in the position Zeus was.
    My daughter fits nicely in the back, the twins we're expecting will not
    Looks like I'll be parting way with my baby and buying a cheap people mover to save the car payment
    The sacrifices we make for our urchins...
    I hate to tell you this, but every black Mustang you see from the day you sell that one will make your heart tingle with sadness just a bit.

    I'm 5 years gone from mine and I still can't look at green Mustangs.

    I make a good living, I have no doubts there will come a time in my life when I get another one.
    I don't know if it'll be a Mustang... maybe a Viper... Maybe a BMW 645... Have you ever seen the Bentley convertible?
    That thing makes me drool!
    Even a Monster Miata (a Miata with a Mustang 5.0L engine and a supercharger) would be fun.

    Who knows, maybe I'll keep it.
    We're looking at 3 kids in daycare, $40k a year for that.
    Just not sure I want the car payment considering I couldn't even put the twins in it.
    Guess I have 7 months to figure it out.
    The true measure of a man is what he'd do knowing he'd never be found out.

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    Re: WildMans new Mustang

    what kind of mustang is it?
    Is it one of the 90's early 00's versions, or the new 06 and later versions?
    You could always just upgrade to an 08 GT version.
    Those look hot.

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